Tuesday, July 29

Mac Attack!

My latest toy.

Last night, my new iMac arrived. I guess it's finally safe to say I'm officially a Mac Addict, although the way that I am body-and-soul still held by my iPhone was probably a sign of my allegiance to the Apple. It's actually pretty surprising, since I've been a staunch PC user pretty much for all my working life. But in the past four or five years I've been working with Mac Powerbook laptops and Macbook Pros so much, I've been steadily converted. All the apps I once thought were exclusive to the PC have revealed improved equivalents on the Mac, so it was really just a matter of time- the fact that Macs are just so damn sexier and more beautiful than any PC (pretty much the same way as the iPhone is so much sleeker and lovelier than any other cellphone) was the icing on the cake.

So when I got the chance, I went for it. I got a mid-range model iMac, with 2 GB Ram, 2.66 Ghz Dual Core Intel processors with 320 GB of Hard Drive space and a lovely 20-inch screen. I have to say, it was pretty awesome to just come home and see the big box greet me in my room... it was even more awesome to just pop out the thing from the package (it's basically just the monitor and keyboard), insert the power cord, attach the mouse and keyboard, plug in the ethernet and I was off. MAN that was damn easy. Sadly, Apple's been saying this for years, but I only now really appreciate it. Freakin' fantastic.

I'm still keeping my old PC in The Sanctum though as my Internet Server and for storage, but even so, an era has been passed, I think. The guard has been changed. I'm gonna live and work from now on with a bit more style, a lot more fun and whole lot more power. Man, technology rocks.