Saturday, September 6


Incredibly enough, I was able to tear myself away from the Food Channel and make my way to Comic Quest. New stocks (which had been delayed for some reason) were arriving, and the gang was expecting Arnold and Cynthia to spend dinner with us tonight. Me, Dean, Gig and Jason chatted the hours away to closing time with fellow bloggers Charles and Jay. We talked about stuff that ranged from anime to manga to fetishes, the last topic pretty much scandalizing Charles (shame on us for corrupting the pure youth!).
Anyway, despite my urgent need to keep spending down, I couldn't resist and got myself a copy of Dreamwave's Street Fighter comic (which looks good). I also got a copy of Game Masters, which is apparently the first quality magazine (distributed by Summit) all about videogames. I'll give it the once over and say if it's worth the 95 peso-cover price. But the gem of the night for me has to be a sample CD from 'fake' manga artist Honoel Ibardolaza, whose work simply floors me with its detail and color. Honoel worked with me on Hainaku's Game Girl story, and on a story for the upcoming Cherry Blossom High manga.
Afterwards, the group headed to Residencia and met with our long-lost friends. In honor of Cynthia, we dined at Salsa Rossa and had a rowdy night of stories, ranging from crank phone calls to the LOTR films to Dean and Nikki's little princess, Sage. Arn and Cynch, really glad to have you guys back, even for a little while!

Saturday's beckoning, and my vacation's almost at an end. Gotta make the most of the day. A haircut, trek to Greenhills, movie and more are planned.

If I can tear myself away again from the TV. Heh...

Friday, September 5

Boring Discoveries

Since there's already Animal Planet, why the HECK are there still boring nature and animal features being shown late night on Discovery Channel? Every time I tune in at night there are seals, snakes, elephants, lions, tigers and bears (Oh, my!) staring back at me. Give me forensic shows. Or Travel features. Or Ancient Warriors. Or other mysteries of the cosmos. GAH!
Sizing up for a new suit

After a couple of days of relaxing and just kicking back in the cold, clean and orderly expanse of the Sanctum, I got to think about what's ahead of me. The past year was a mish-mash of various experiences and events which led me, inexorably, here (Yes, I stole that last tone from the Architect from Matrix Reloaded).
I'm about to embark on the latest leg of my professional life. It's really not that far away from what I have been doing for the past eight or so years (DAMN, have I really been working for eight years?). I'm still in advertising. I will still be writing, I guess. I will still be thinking and conceptualizing and selling ads. However, there's something subtly different. This time, my responsibilities are slightly wider, my focus broader. Instead of just being concentrated on words and copy as a copywriter, I have to now look at the bigger picture, so to speak. My new designation in my new place of employment is that of associate creative director, and that is something unfamiliar to me.
Or is it? Even before, I have not been limited to just writing scripts and words. I've been lucky enough to be blessed with visualization talents (I can draw), so I can actually illustrate and visualize the very TV scripts I write. In extremis, I can do the odd layout or two, though I've never really gone into it seriously since I am first and foremost a wordsmith. Someone else gets paid for that part of the process.
So here I am, getting ready for a position that obviously comes with a challenge; an understanding of responsibility, dedication, drive and initiative. I'll be looking on ads as a whole. I have to worry about how an ad looks as well as reads. And perhaps most of all, I will have to worry about selling the ad to clients. Well, I'm not averse to dealing with the customer, so no problem. Actually, I've done these things before, but it's only now that I am actually doing it as part of my work description. Which is great, actually.

I'm handling this as I handle most everything else; meeting it head on. Whatever I don't already have to accomplish any job, I'll pick up on the way. There are just some things that have to be remembered. Think things through. Meet deadlines no matter what. Always be yourself. And never treat anyone like shit.

I start next week.

So till then... I'm kicking back a little more. And deeper. Better be careful not to fall off the chair though.

Thursday, September 4

Extended Play

I spent a good part of the day watching the Extended Cut of The Fellowship of the Ring, which is probably unknown to most people since it's only available in an expensive and not widely-available DVD set. I recommend this to anyone who loves film, and in particular, the masterful films by Peter Jackson. The sheer amount of material, from the two extra dvds worth of featurettes to the four entertaining and insightful audio commentaries makes this probably one of the BEST dvds available.
Anyway, it's really cool to watch this movie, and even after The Two Towers I still regard it as the better of the two movies (though TTT is no slouch by any length), with the awesome setpieces like the opening prologue battle, the Trek into Moria and the Balrog. I am really looking forward to the extended version of TTT, and to Return of the King, which should see theater release here in Manila by January. I have read that they will be showing the Extended Cut of Fellowship in the US prior to the release of ROTK; I wonder if they'll do that here?
This early, I am already planning my LOTR marathon watch with all three movies. I am such a fan. Heh.

Drip, drip...

Watched an advance episode of Alias on Studio 23. I know, I know... I am spoiling the surprises and pace by doing that, but seeing bikini-clad Jennifer Garner AKA Sydney Bristow climb and drip out of a pool in glorious slow motion made the risk of spoiling the story worth it.

Now I want that Elektra movie more than ever. Heh.

Wednesday, September 3

State of Mind

A few hours ago, I received a disturbing text from a friend of mine which made me call him up immediately to see if he was all right.

In not so many words, he was in a bad way, and it involved his lovelife. It was the first time I had ever seen or at least heard him in such a state, and I was unnerved. When we talked, he remarked about how he thought I was so lucky to be apparently immune to the heartaches of having to be in a relationship; to be able to get through life single and apparently without a care or problem in the world.
If I wasn't trying so hard to console him, I would have laughed at how wrong he was that I had no problems. But truth be told, yes, love troubles weren't any of them.
I've known many people who are in relationships for various reasons. I know a couple of... couples... who are very much in love, and I do feel a tang of envy whenever I see them, or even hear of them. I wish that someday I can find that soul mate or perfect partner who will share all my interests, loves, aches, quirks and other aspects with nothing more than a smile. I wish I will someday find her, but I am actually not yearning for it.
I'm having too much fun right now.
For a while I thought I was winding down, but I am actually only getting started.
I have a life to live.
Responsibilities that will both challenge and reward my one hundred percent effort.
Stories to tell.
People to meet.
Food to taste.
Games to play.
Sights to see.
Jokes to laugh or groan at.

Most of them are so trivial and ludicrous, but so much the better. If we can live for such small, personal details, isn't that so neat?

I pray that my friend will get over this obstacle he has encountered, with my help and that of our other mates. Life's too precious to throw away.

Tuesday, September 2

The Flesh is Weak.

I decided to stay home today and I resolved to keep from spending needlessly. Well, what do you know? I eventually ordered an Ultimate Cheese Pizza with Sausage Stuffed Crust to sate my hunger. It's not fair, I tell you, since you can't even get solace in TV. There was a show on the Lifestyle Channel all about Italian food, and it just threw me over the edge. Sigh.
Oh well, it was food and you really can't regret food. And it WAS darn delicious. Heh.


Monday, September 1

Spring Cleaning

Do my hands hurt.

I spent pretty much the whole day trying to reorganize The Sanctum, using a vacuuming the floor, piling up a decade's worth of gaming magazines (ranging from the days of the Super Nes), comics, VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs and the odd esoteric device. My hands were constantly blackened with dust, battered and cut tender by the various objects. I really should have worn work gloves to protect my fingers from the hard, edged things like CDs and CD cases. Ouch.
Anyway, it seems to have paid off. The place looks a lot better, and I feel good. Despite being a single male who loves games and anime, I also love order and revel in neatness and general clean atmosphere. But the battle isn't over yet... the piles of comics I have are just screaming for a space-saver container to seal them in from dust. I'll try to get one ASAP. Then there's the surprisingly large amount of local comic material, accumulated after almost ten years of running with Alamat and other local comic groups. That's history right there... although I have to admit quite a few moments of posterity got crumpled up and thrown out today. Oh well. I'm a guy who lives for the moment, anyway. Heh.

Sunday, August 31

Zsa Zsa Recognized!

Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah has won this year's National Book Award for Best Comic from the Manila Critics' Circle. Of course, drinks and cheers go to writer/artist/creator Carl Vergara, who is probably still reeling at this time. Congratulations, Carl! WOOHOO!