Wednesday, June 14


Thanks to The Sanctum's PC suffering the apparent inevitable bout of non-functionality, I wasn't able to blog on my own birthday. Anyway, I turned one year older yesterday... I'm now a little bit wiser, a little bit heavier, a little bit lazier. Thanks to everyone who texted, called and greeted me on my personal day of days. While I had grand plans to go out and paint the town red, splurge all of my non-existent savings on various impulse buys and whatnots, I pretty much spent the day at home, resting and just vegetating- the afternoon rain showers just lulled me to sleep for the most part, nixing any plans to go out. Hopefully I'll get the PC working again soon- on Sunday (when tech support arrives) at the latest. I want my DSL back. Heh. Also, got to pencil two pages of the Angel Ace comic, which is good. It's a start.

Again, thanks to everyone for the greetings! Here's to more MADness to come in the months and months and years and years ahead.

Monday, June 12

From Angel to Sinner

There's a hot rumor going around that Sin City director Robert Rodriguez has a hankering for none other than Miss Lara Croft herself, Angelina Jolie, for the pivotal role of Ava Lord in the Sin City sequel. Ava is a femme fatale antagonist in the book A Dame To Kill For, a book she shares with characters like Dwight (previously played by Clive Owen), Gail (Rosario Dawson), Miho (Devon Aoki) and Manute (Michael Clark Duncan).

Angelina Jolie would make an AWESOME femme fatale temptress and villainess... far more awesome than other supposed frontrunners for the part (Frank Miller has mentioned that other actresses considered include Salma Hayek and Rose McGowan). Jolie certainly out-stars these other girls.

Rodriguez is apparently delaying the project in order to wait for Jolie to recover from her recent pregnancy. If Angelina does push through, it should be worth the wait. Woowie.