Wednesday, June 14


Thanks to The Sanctum's PC suffering the apparent inevitable bout of non-functionality, I wasn't able to blog on my own birthday. Anyway, I turned one year older yesterday... I'm now a little bit wiser, a little bit heavier, a little bit lazier. Thanks to everyone who texted, called and greeted me on my personal day of days. While I had grand plans to go out and paint the town red, splurge all of my non-existent savings on various impulse buys and whatnots, I pretty much spent the day at home, resting and just vegetating- the afternoon rain showers just lulled me to sleep for the most part, nixing any plans to go out. Hopefully I'll get the PC working again soon- on Sunday (when tech support arrives) at the latest. I want my DSL back. Heh. Also, got to pencil two pages of the Angel Ace comic, which is good. It's a start.

Again, thanks to everyone for the greetings! Here's to more MADness to come in the months and months and years and years ahead.

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