Monday, September 6

Pixar-esque Pinoy Animation: RPG Metanoia

Just saw this earlier today, and I have to say I'm intrigued. Haven't seen this on TV, nor have I heard anything about it. That should change soon, since this is by Star Cinema, so there should be a budget behind this. Apparently from the trailer I can surmise that this is an MMORPG-esque adventure. The style has a Dreamworks type of look to it, but the quality is impressive if you base it on past stuff from local animators. I particularly like how the Hero apparently uses a Yo-yo as his weapon... very Pinoy (since the weapon was supposedly invented locally). I'll want to see this in full, if I can tear myself away from home and actually venture into a movie house in December Crowded Mall Season. The only things I see though that can derail from this being awesome is if they borrow too much from foreign stuff. Here's to this flick having it's own unique style and flavor apart from the usual anime, Western or European cartoon. For now, anyway, color me intrigued and hopeful.