Tuesday, August 26

Ninja Girl KO has a Mega-Fan!

A while ago, I was informed by Mangaholix that Henry Sy, the big boss of Shoemart and one of the richest guys in the country, is a fan of our little mangazine and, particularly, of Ninja Girl KO! Of course, that our comic got the attention of the mall magnate is pretty cool... but that Michiko's adventures are something he likes is even cooler. That actually got me thinking of some weird storyline of how I'd be walking along one day when this big car comes along and I'd be met by a line of SM Girls. They'd take me over to the Main Branch of SM- which turns out to be SM Centerpoint- to meet The Boss Himself. Then I'd sign his copies of Mangaholix and he'd ask me if I'd approve of letting him have his SM Girls' uniforms to be changed to match Michiko's ninja outfit. Heheh.

Just a weird little yarn. Anyways, Ninja Girl KO! continues to Hai-YAH and KIAAAIII in the pages of Mangaholix Presents, with the next issue (Issue 6) coming soon to a National Bookstore near you. I can't wait for readers (Mr. Sy Included) to see the upcoming episodes. Lots more action, laughs and Ninja Girl-powered coolness to come!

Monday, August 25

New iPhone!

Well, actually... Not really. No, I didn't go running off to the nearest Globe Business Center to grab an iPhone 3G, as did quite a few people who've without a doubt been waiting for the device for some time. To be sure, I did find myself surfing the web for information about the local release of the phone, but even a visit to PhilMUG and seeing some positive comments and experiences shared didn't convince me. For one thing- the phone itself. I've heard not-so-nice things about the new 3G model, from sluggish performance and slow web browsing to the disconcerting change of the phone's back from the original brushed aluminum to either black or white plastic. Also, the biggest and best thing about the new model for me is- well- it's available in 16 Gig memory capacity. 3G doesn't make my eyebrows rise- I mean, why would I be excited by what is basically a way to burn my money away? I'd rather surf or browse on free Wi-Fi spots, and save any actual GPRS surfing use for emergencies. Aside from that... nothing else. No upgrade in the camera. No text-forwarding or MMS. The App Store? Just more ways to squeeze money from you... although the Lightsaber app seemed kinda fun.

No, I wasn't getting the new 3G iPhone. But I DID get something new. I upgraded my iPhone 2G's firmware- from the original 1.0.2 Firmware it shipped with, I've now switched to 1.1.4. What does it do? Well, they're mostly tweaks and small additions, but are quite good- you can now send a text to multiple recipients (FINALLY). Rearranging icons on the screen is now as easy as tapping and holding an icon and then sliding them to where you want them to go- pretty neat, and the OC in me can waste hours away just rearranging apps. There are also new text alert tones and a tweak (third party download) lets me amp up the volume a bit. Nothing world-beating, but they're nice.

One of the more fun things the firmware upgrade allows me is the ability to download more apps again and get my constant gadget companion- which had stagnated in terms of any new stuff lately- refreshed and loaded with new stuff again. Thankfully, the web is alive with the stuff you need to do the upgrade, so I was able to do the deed myself, instead of running off to the highway robbers in Greenhills or elsewhere. So far, my new 1.1.4 version iPhone seems cool- I've installed games and themes, and it's once again mine after a short time of being a blank slate. Man, the OC in me is having a field day again... to the distress of my wallet as I find myself downloading stuff using EDGE. Thanks a lot to the new GPRS-payment scheme with Globe, actually.

On the topic of the new 3G iPhone though, it's supposedly available in most Globe Business Centers, notably in Podium, for even walk-in customers. There have been reservations made, but not every reservation was filled or taken, with fault on both sides of the equation. I am irked to read that Globe puts more value with new accounts and put people like me- loyal customers who already have an account with them- on secondary priority. That's another reason why I'm not getting the phone, at least from Globe. However, it's not a good idea to get it in outside stores either- apparently the device (16 GB) is selling for as high as 55K. MAN! Isn't the damn thing supposed to be cheaper? You can get a freakin' good laptop with that money! Crazy. Even an iPhone fan like me is appalled.

Anyway, that's all to be expected as the device is still new and the rave of the town right now. I'd advise those who can get it free or for lowered price at Globe to do so if they really want the thing, though the Globe iPhone plans are pretty pricey and the prepaid kits quite on the level of higher-end mobiles. I'm just so glad though that I am well past the iPhone craze. I wonder where it will go from here though? It will be interesting to see.