Tuesday, August 26

Ninja Girl KO has a Mega-Fan!

A while ago, I was informed by Mangaholix that Henry Sy, the big boss of Shoemart and one of the richest guys in the country, is a fan of our little mangazine and, particularly, of Ninja Girl KO! Of course, that our comic got the attention of the mall magnate is pretty cool... but that Michiko's adventures are something he likes is even cooler. That actually got me thinking of some weird storyline of how I'd be walking along one day when this big car comes along and I'd be met by a line of SM Girls. They'd take me over to the Main Branch of SM- which turns out to be SM Centerpoint- to meet The Boss Himself. Then I'd sign his copies of Mangaholix and he'd ask me if I'd approve of letting him have his SM Girls' uniforms to be changed to match Michiko's ninja outfit. Heheh.

Just a weird little yarn. Anyways, Ninja Girl KO! continues to Hai-YAH and KIAAAIII in the pages of Mangaholix Presents, with the next issue (Issue 6) coming soon to a National Bookstore near you. I can't wait for readers (Mr. Sy Included) to see the upcoming episodes. Lots more action, laughs and Ninja Girl-powered coolness to come!


Budjette said...

maybe you can send Mr. Sy an original pin-up of NINJA GIRL KO :)

Vin said...

budj is right! If Henry Sy likes it enough, maybe he'll even fund a line of merchandise! Nice going Marco. :)

PS- tell the Mangaholix people to bring some copies to Mega so we can sell some at the store too if you like.


Will do, Vin. Thanks! ^_^