Wednesday, September 3

Superman Retooled

HBO's been showing the Bryan Singer debacle movie Superman Returns a LOT recently, and it really just reinforces what I knew two years ago when I first saw it... it's a load of crap and probably one of the WORST, if not THE worst superhero movie ever made (along with Hulk and Elektra, I guess). Boring, overlong, insanely-obsessed with the Richard Donner original and again, BORING as freaking hell, it just gets all the more horrible in the light of the recent releases of superhero movies done right like Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and The Dark Knight. Well, it appears that validation has come as well- Warner Brothers has signalled their intention to 'reboot' the franchise, wiping away Superman Returns from existence like Ang Lee's Bulk, er- Hulk and starting anew. Man, I wonder what they will do with all those Brandon Routh-faced dolls and other Superman Returns merchandise? Bury them all in a landfill with those Atari ET videogame cartridges? Anyway, that's all behind us with good stuff like the Avengers and JLA being developed. Oh, and that awesome Watchmen movie too. Let's have enough of small-minded, short-sighted fools with superhero and comic book flicks. Yes, we do want yellow spandex, if the comic requires it.

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