Thursday, September 4

Cracking Up

Okay, day by day I'm reading all these complaints with the new iPhone 3G. The most vocal I see on Attack of the Show on G4TV, where the once-iPhone-loving hosts are now loudly castigating Apple for their new iPhones' extremely short battery life, non-working 3G. synching issues, lost apps and other stuff. The most recent issue though is that of cracks- little hairline cracks- appearing supposedly spontaneously on some iPhone 3Gs even though the owners swear they have never dropped or sat on their mobiles. The cracks- which appear often on the white plastic casing, have OC iPhoners up in arms and wanting Apple to take responsibility.

Heh. I remember when the 1st Gen iPhones came out, everyone was raving how they could throw the device around, drop it onto concrete or run blades on the screen without any scratches. Man, I am loving my First-Gen phone more and more each day.

But seriously, I think a lot of this is overreaction, particularly about the cracks. If it does seem to be chronic and widespread, maybe Apple should do something. Still, it seems these cracks are appearing only under the scrutiny of UV light or magnifying glasses- in which case maybe the owner should just take a chill pill.

Then again, if my iPhone got a crack for no reason I'd freak too. Oh well. Such is the price for beauty and coolness.

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