Sunday, March 22

A Must Watch for Comic Book Fans

As Graphic a Graphic Novel-turned-Movie can Get.

I FINALLY got to watch Zack Snyder's comic book opus, Watchmen, last Friday. I was told a lot of things about the movie, going into it. Fans of the book who also liked the movie say that it isn't exact to the source material, but that it was still pretty good. Some say it left them unsatisfied and cold. Some say it was all about big, glowing blue penises. Now, I haven't read the graphic novel/comics yet, so I went into the movie with little baggage and expectations aside from expecting that the movie would at least blow me away with the visuals seeing as this was from the guy who brought us 300.

Well, what can I say? It's easily the densest, most complex comic book movie I've watched so far, with stuff flying at you left and right and images that are probably filled with pages worth of subtext, meaning and references, although all of it probably escapes me. Kinda like Forrest Gump with Superheroes. Despite that, I didn't feel too lost at any time, and I found the action pretty kick-ass (and the whole movie probably just as bloody and graphic as 300 was- at least Snyder is consistent). Visually, once again Snyder has made a world from the page jump up at you in the big screen, this time an 80's era world where very human and very fallible superheroes and supervillains are part and parcel of reality.

Best stuff for me? Rorschauch. Freakin' amazing character, and the actor who brought him to life, Jackie Earle Haley, gives a great performance both in and out of his character's awesome mask. He's like Wolverine crossed with Batman and Hannibal Lecter, and I love how he moves and fights... too bad we probably won't be seeing a Rorschauch Spin-off. Also great, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Comedian... at once despicable and sympathetic, and he rules the screen whenever he appears even if he dies early on in the movie.

Love the costumes- from the old era heroes to the 'present' Watchmen... retro bliss. Yet another point to my argument that All the Movie Directors and Production Designers who recommend Generic Black Leather Costumes for Superhero Movies Should Be Fired. The action in the movie is hard-hitting and powerful- very NOW, which I love. I've never seen action done like they do in this movie- the opening fight with The Comedian, the brawls with Silk Spectre and Nite Owl, the Prison Riot brawl, the final fight between the heroes and the villain... pretty awesome. It's great that despite being a movie full of information and exposition and dialogue, the action is second to none.

Bad stuff? Nixon looked funny. Dr. Manhattan's such an asshole. Aside from that, not much.

For the most part- I really enjoyed Watchmen. No doubt I'll be getting the Blu-ray or DVD, and hoping for lots of cool extras. May buy the comic. Man, that was pretty cool. Way, way cooler than Streetfighter. Heheh.