Wednesday, September 24

Snake eater

Okay... I just watched the obligatory 'Food Episode' of Man VS WIld. And I have to say... MAN. And I thought the stuff Ian Wright ate way back in the earlier days of Lonely Planet/Globe Trekker were bad. I mean, the stuff that host Bear Gryll scarfs down in the episode are positively FOUL. Forget the usual goat's eyeball or live, wriggling snails or maggots... what REALLY got my hackles up in a bunch was seeing the man tear away at a dead zebra's meat (although the meat was supposedly fresh) and a dead camel's fat. But even more horrid was the hunt for water- how does drinking your own pee sound? The guy does it onscreen- FRESH, WARM PEE. My. God. But it didn't stop there... next Mr. Gryll was squeezing the fluid out of fresh elephant dung. But the worst was, for me, opening up a dead camel and drinking the liquid pooled in the carcass's stomach, and then getting the half-digested clumps of matter in the stomach, then squeezing THAT sludge for drink. GYYYYAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

It was horrific and utterly, utterly... fascinating.

I don't think I'd survive in the wild, but damn, you may probably surprise yourself if you were put into that situation. Still, I prefer any raw stuff I eat to be either fruit or sushi, thank you very much. Oddly enough, after watching all that, I suddenly found myself having the munchies. Man, where's a Big Mac where you need one...?