Tuesday, February 17


I've seen a couple of short teasers for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and I have mixed feelings. Yeah, I enjoyed the first movie, albeit with some reservations (basically too much humans, not enough robots, and the simple fact that the whole film played more or less like the flashiest U.S. Armed Forces commercial ever). The sequel looks to be a lot darker, seeing from how the start of the film has Armageddon-like imagery and has an entire aircraft carrier (maybe even the whole fleet) going down, apparently with all hands. Apparently the arrival of the autobots in the first movie has grave repercussions on the human race as even nastier decepticons, including one supposedly known as 'The Fallen' have come to wreak untold havoc on the puny earthlings. Anyway, Shia LeBeouf, Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox, as well other cast members are back for this more dangerous itineration.

This early though I have more reservations- it doesn't feel like Transformers at all. Perhaps that's because I could not recognize a single character in the trailer- most were just shapeless metal things that were exploding everything around them. Heck, you could tape on Terminator: Revenge of the 1000000 at the end of this and it would still work. Well, hopefully the full trailers will give back that feel.

With Fallen and the real Terminator sequel up later this year, it seems to be the Era of Giant Robots. Hmmm... Transformers vs Terminators... wouldn't that make a cool movie...? Nah.