Saturday, August 23

Rainy Holiday

While I had the inclination to just stay indoors, I just couldn't pass up going out and enjoy the day. I went over to Greenhills, pretty much coasting along the mostly-clear roads. The drizzle was pretty persistent, so the day had a fresh, watery scent to it which I always find pleasant. Passing through the usual stalls I got myself some dvd-clear copies of X2 and Finding Nemo (which I seem to have missed in the theaters). I also got some anime; the final episodes of Ninja Scroll TV, and a copy of the new Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell, Spriggan, Blood: the Last Vampire) feature, Kai Doh Maru. KDM is apparently based on Japanese myth, about a young girl who is raised as a boy and becomes one of four 'holy knights' who defend the capital from evil. It's supposed to have some unique visual styles, but the fact that it is apparently shorter than the less-than-an-hour-long Blood doesn't bode well. Still, I have to see it.
After the purchases and having a nice sandwich meal at Bread Connection (try their classic, yummy Double Decker-egg and bacon sandwich), I went into Theater Mall and saw The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for the second time. I have to say it seems to have gotten better this time around. I am definitely picking up the DVD when it eventually comes out. It kinda sucks that the film didn't break records at the box office; I do hope a second League movie eventually happens... oh well.
I went back home to enjoy my stuff and pencil some more pages for Angel Ace. It won't be long before I start inking them, rendering and then it'll be all about getting some hard cash to publish it. Well, we're working on that front too.
Still raining outside. I guess the karaoke party pushed through. Heh.

Friday, August 22


Today's a special non-working holiday. I am planning on just taking this time to kick back in the Sanctum, fix up my things, rest, recharge, look back on this week's events, plot my course in the coming weeks, read up on some reference books, play some games and watch some anime. The rest of the gang has been planning a karaoke orgy for some time now on this day, and of course I am sealing myself in my bunker until that madness is over. Heh-heh. Have fun, guys and gal. I know I will.

Thursday, August 21



I never expected this. Never saw it coming. Didn't think it would happen in my lifetime.

I just resigned from my job. A major upheaval in my career. Yet that recent reverberation pales in comparison to the shock I received just now.

Nikki Alfar finally has a blog.

A Contradiction In Terms

Go and visit one classy lady/kinky vamp at!

I have to lie down.
The new, improved Arnold Arre!

My friend, painter and artist extraordinaire and graphic novellist par excellence, Arnold Arre (Mythology Class, Trip to Tagaytay) has gotten a new look for his personal website, of course provided by the love of his life and fiancee, Cynthia Bauzon. Check out the wonderful, colorful images. And there are nude babes too! Heh.
Remembering Ninoy

It's been 20 years since Beningno 'Ninoy' Aquino Jr. was assassinated on the tarmac of the Manila International Airport; an event that eventually sparked the 'People Power Revolution' that toppled dictator President Ferdinand Marcos. Today, Ayala and Makati are celebrating that with suitable pageantry. That basically includes parades, lots of confetti being showered from the buildings and irritatingly, BLOCKED ENTRANCES and lots of walking. Sigh.
When the revolt happened, I was a kid. I remember being in bed through it all; my parents and siblings went on to support the crowds standing in the way of tanks and soldiers sent to apprehend the military rebels, then Chief of Staff Fidel V. Ramos (who later became president) and Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile (now a senator/political figure). My parents left me behind so that in case they all get massacred, there would be at least one Dimaano left to carry on the name. And inflict bloody vengeance on all those responsible, of course. Heh.

After two decades, the Philippines is continually changing. It's not heaven, but I've seen far worse. And it's still home.

Thanks, Ninoy.

Tuesday, August 19

Evil Babe

An old/new heroine to the Resident Evil movies.

Here's the first look at the original Resident Evil heroine, Jill Valentine (played by actress Sienna Guillacy) from these preview pics of the next Resident Evil movie, Resident Evil 2: Nemesis. In the first film, the focus was on the amnesiac, butt-kicking Alice (played by Milla "Multi-Pass!" Jovovich), who was created especially for the film version of Capcom's survival-action videogame franchise. Miss Valentine here is straight from the game, and from the way she looks, they're staying very close to original character designs (Yep, there's no outfit better for fighting zombies than a short skirt and skimpy top).

Well, she looks hot, and she's sure to kick zombie butt. How will she rank up against Alice? We'll see. Resident Evil 2: Nemesis is shooting now and should be unleashed on unsuspecting theaters in 2004.
Late Submission

Today, as I went into the office after a particularly speedy bit of commuting, I made a beeline towards my computer and wrote my letter of resignation. After spending a year at my present agency, I've decided to move on. Don't worry, it's for the best.

Well, if you've come and gone in as many agencies as I have, you'd learn that it doesn't really get easy the more times you do it. Well, that's what I think. Anyway, I came in expecting a storm and I ended up seeing just tropical depression (which was reflected in the soaked carnage outside the building).
The funny thing was, the office seemed to be DESERTED. People were on shoots. Out of the office. Out of the country. Or sick at home. When a guy resigns in an empty office, does it make a sound? I guess not. Heh.
I broke the news first to the Personnel department, whom I knew ever since my first tenure in the agency more than five years ago.
Then, I slowly preceded to ease in people I knew; workmates, close friends and associates in the salt mine. There were some tears, a lot of frowns and a long lunch. Sigh.

Oddly enough, I feel an odd feeling of liberation. I equate it with an experience I had when I found myself in a college classroom. The professor said the dreaded "Pass your term papers." command, and at that moment I realized that I had no idea what term paper I was supposed to pass. I had done NOTHING! I had been caught totally unarmed and with my pants down.

And then... I woke up. It was a fricking dream. I was in my late twenties. Hadn't been a college kid for years (though many say I can still pass off as a college guy... heh).

The feeling of ease, of release... there's nothing like it.

Of course, that won't last. There's of course stuff to finish. Jobs to turn over. Letters to distribute. Meetings to talk over. And then, when all that is finished... there's a new life to get into, adjust to, and trouble over.

And then, life goes on.

And so will this blog.

Mad. It's all so mad. Stark raving...

Monday, August 18


Over the weekend, what kept me fueled while working on Crystal were lots of Pizza Hut's Ultimate Cheese Pizza. I tried it out and found it simply delicious. Not too rich or nakakasawa at all. It was savoury and, best of all, can come with the delicious sausage crust so meatlovers won't be left in the cold. I'll probably be ordering again soon... yum... Kinda irritating that the pizza tends to be a bit too soft when it comes. Use a plate and a fork or be prepared for a mess. Heh.
Sequestered Weekend

This butt-kicking heroine kept me indoors the whole weekend.

Saturday rained lions, tigers and bears (oh, my!), so it was perhaps fortunate that I had to stay home in the Sanctum to finish up my current comic project, codenamed Buffy. The story is entitled Crystal of the Sorority of Light, and it's a supernatural action manga written by Jason Banico, with character designs and art by Yours Truly. It took all day to ink the remaining ten or so pages, and then the whole night to add Photoshop effects. I worked to the sounds of Blackhawk Down on HBO, playing behind me.

The only things that kept me from finishing everything today were my lack of a Freehand program for lettering, and a recordable CD to burn the pages on for transit and submission tomorrow.

Anyway, I should be finished with everything by tomorrow, and have it OUT of my hands by Tuesday. Whew!

Sunday, August 17