Monday, January 14

Human SFX

AMAZING stuff.

Man, you gotta love the Japanese. The Kasou Taishou, or Kinchan and Katori Shingo's All-Japan Costume Grand Prix, is a special event where groups of performers do special presentations using human-powered special effects and creative performances. One of the most amazing just has to be this skit performed by 9 university students, entitled "Olympic Highlights". Watch, and let your jaw drop in wonder.

Link: Japan Probe
New Digs

Things have been a bit wild these days at The Salt Mines. A bit of change in the way the company is organized has resulted in, long story short, a bunch of us moving to a new office (same building, different floor). It's been a whole week of squatting in crowded conference rooms, sweltering by the heat of laptops, trying your best to make the most out of the trickle that is our internet connection. Still, I have to say that I love new things, so having a new office after the three or so years staying in the same place isn't all bad. The new Creative Department isn't as expansive as our old place, but I think it's pretty cozy, and once we get settled in it should be home once again. Give it a couple of weeks. The good things? We're now closer to the CRs, and have access to an elevator that goes down to the ground floor straightaway, which is cool if you're in a hurry.

Any gripes? Yeah, we're a bit crowded, and it may get noisy... but that's nothing a good pair of earphones can't fix. But the big stitch is, no WINDOWS, so conceivably day can turn into night without us realizing it. Yikes! Anyway, I hope this gets me sticking to my promise to go stretch my back and legs every so often. Or better yet, to just go out of the office and walk around to get my thinking cap on. Well, whatever happens, this is our new bed, so all we can do is lie in it and make the most out of it. And take care to steal the sheets as often as possible. Heh.