Friday, February 20

Art from the Ilog Man

Kai and Seta sizzle in this latest K.I.A. pinup.

This hot and sexy artwork featuring Agent K and her former mistress and commander, Seta, is brought to us by the enigmatic Taga-Ilog. The creator and artist of the mega-popular Pasig from Culture Crash will also be doing an 8-page story in the K.I.A. anthology, for which we are eternally grateful. Will Kai ever get back at the evil SIVA commander? Only time (and future issues of Angel Ace and K.I.A. will tell.

Thursday, February 19


Darn I'm starving.

I usually miss breakfast, which is really not good since the big 'B' is the most important meal of the day. But I simply don't have time for it, unless I make it a point to wake up extra early so I can have a nice meal at home. Or perhaps have breakfast in some restaurant.
My favorite breakfast eating out is probably at, gasp, McDonald's. Yep, I admit it... I absolutely adore the Big Breakfast. I love the spicy, savoury meat patty, the soft muffin bread (which originally was a crusty, crumbly muffin but now looks more like two pieces of round heel bread- not bad, but not as good as before) and the heavenly fluffy eggs (which I can't seem to get anywhere else). Add to that a hash brown and a supplementary sausage McMuffin (which is basically a Big Breakfast in sandwich form) with large orange juice... A FEAST. Well, not really, but to a hungry 9-to-5er, it's close enough.

Tapsilog (Tapa, Sinangag and Itlog- marinated/cured meat, fried rice and egg to english-only readers) is also a yummy alternative, a more Pinoy meal to start off the day. A hot bowl of Arroz Caldo on the side makes this perfect. MMmmmmmm....

Darn I am hungry. Mental note: Eat somewhere nice today.

Wednesday, February 18

Femme Fatale Fighting League PPV: RETRIBUTION

The HOTTEST and DEADLIEST Pay-Per-View event is coming this June! Femme Fatale Fighting League Ultimate Champion Dragon Lady puts her title on the line. Will a new DIVA finally defeat the Goddess of Death, or will Dragon Lady rule undisputed for a SIXTEENTH straight win?
RETRIBUTION will also feature the hottest ladies of martial arts: The Tower of Power, Goliatha! The brutal Brooklyn Basher! The stunning Princess Pure! And of course, the mysterious masked marvel, The Assassin!
No Holds Barred. Fights to the Finish. One Woman Takes All. It's RETRIBUTION. And it's coming this JUNE.

Call 1-800-FFFLPPV for details.

This is a little pinup I made up from Jeremy's art and character designs for his K.I.A. story, Victors and Victims. Always wanted to do something like this. Heh.
She kicks high


Does the style look familiar? This kick-ass piece of K.I.A. artwork is brought to us by none other than Wilson Tortosa, artist of Battle of the Planets, staunch supporter of Alamat and other local comics and all-around nice guy. We're really glad he could take a bit of time off from his busy gigs with the big international boys to grace our humble little anthology. Hoho! Thanks a lot, Wilson! More K.I.A. stuff to come! Just you wait!
Making the Move

A lot of people I know have been moving these days. I myself will be going through a bit of displacement within the next few weeks. My ad agency's taking the whole kit and caboodle and heading back into the business district of Makati. That's where the buzz is, where the work and clients are, where our future will be.
I'm gonna miss working in Ortigas. Gonna miss walking to Megamall and taking early dinners, or late meriendas. Gonna miss getting home with the sun still up. Sigh.

Looking on the bright side, I always enjoy a good move- new stuff, new places, new views (not really that new since I've worked in Makati before). The building we're moving to is posh and is reported to have the BEST internal food center around... which hopefully is true since we are outside stone's throwing distance from the nearest mall or commercial center. I imagine it will be cool to make a new nest to roost in at the new office. To pick what toys to spruce up and personalize my spot, to make myself comfy and get into a new groove. And it will be good to be in the middle of the advertising community again.
Once more, into the breach... and let loose the dogs of war...

Sunday, February 15

MORE Awesome K.I.A. Art!

This cool and stylish pinup is brought to us by Marvin del Mundo of Atomic Underground. His title in their indie anthology work is called Mario and the Spy Inc., an action-comedy spy title. That's why I know he's right at home drawing cloak and dagger stuff, including ninja, femme fatales and one sexy superagent. Great stuff, Marv!

Next up are samples of Jon Mallari's work in Fear Itself, a 10-page story written by myself. This story is a 'sequel' of sorts to 'The Code' in Angel Ace Next. I am really glad I got Jon to draw this (he initially thought he would be too busy in work to contribute to K.I.A.); his art is getting better all the time.

WOOHOO! I said it once, and I'll say it again. K.I.A. is gonna kick arse! Heh.

Agent K sports a lovely trenchcoat by KALI Fashions.

This story features the return of the Shanghai Five, first seen in Angel Ace Next.


I REALLY like how Jon's action scenes get better and better each time.