Friday, February 18

Tekken Ultimate

I'm probably one of the biggest Dead or Alive fans around, and I totally LOVE DOA Ultimate for giving me videogame bikini battles... but this time, it seems that Namco's Tekken 5 for the PS2 really IS an ultimate package for videogame fans.
Aside from a very close translation of the recently-released arcade version of Tekken 5, the PS2 version will come with a TON of extras and bonuses.

Arcade-perfect translations of Tekken 1, 2 and 3 are coming in the disc. The arcade versions (sans any home extras from the PSOne translations) will be included in Tekken 5's History Mode. Not only do you get the latest Tekken, you get the first three games (and the best games, actually) free! Is that COOL or what???

An action minigame starring main character Jin Kazama entitled Devil Within. Similar to the previous Tekken Force modes, you control the fighter as he brawls, jumps and battles his way past various oppoinents. Ala Devil May Cry, you can turn into Jin's diabolical self when a special power meter fills up. Too bad you can't choose the other fighters, but what the hey?

The classic arcade shooter Star Blade will be playable during loading screens, similar to how Galaga played while the classic PSOne Tekken loaded.

Taking a cue from DOAU and Virtua Fighter 4, there will be new accessories to heap on your characters, as well as several all-new costumes designed especially for the home game. We're hoping to see Nina Williams or Asuka Kazama in bikinis, but we're not holding our breath.

New CG cinematics for each character in Story Mode will be available, so you can understand the whole convoluted Tekken 5 storyline. Okay, at least we can TRY. Heh.

That's a whole lot of stuff. And best of all... Tekken 5 for the PS2 will be out later this month! The best Tekken yet is coming home, so make room on your PS2. WOOHOO!!!!


I've done it. I've finished ALL my art chores for K.I.A. There's nothing more for me to write, draw, ink or render on Photoshop for the book. All is done save the organization of the book and laying out into pages for the printers.

Well, there IS that one story still coming, but I expect that within today. Crossing fingers.

Darn, it's so close I can almost see it. Touch it. Taste it.

Looking at the art and the material lined up, I'm pumped. I want to get it out and let people see what we were able to accomplish. But really, there's still a bit of work left, though this time more on the print production side and issues involving getting the word out on the book once it's available- stuff like making posters, seeing a K.I.A. webpage up and figuring out how to get into upcoming events. Still quite a bit to do, actually.

But we've passed a major checkpoint. The finish line is in sight.

Here's to the hope we make the final sprint without tripping over ourselves.

Wednesday, February 16


I've decided to spend the rest of the week to finish K.I.A. Even if and when the final contributor pages are sent in, I've still got to finish the touches on a couple of stories AND organize everything into the final book. Anyway, as before, the final book will have 160 pages, with various pinups in between stories and another art gallery at the end. It should be something to see, once it's all together.
Anyway, aside from doing to book I'll try to get in some R&R... perhaps watch Constantine, from which I've read a couple of good reviews. Maybe I'll also get down to playing some hours of Suikoden 4 and a recently-acquired copy of Champions: Return to Arms.

The rest of the week is all mine, so it's pretty cool. It's rare to have a breather like this... I should make it count.

I finally got to play Tekken 5 after several days of watching freaky Tekkheads who seem to spend both their salaries AND working hours ON this thing. The really irritating thing about there being only ONE machine is that you have to share it with these blasted pro-level players. You spend almost 20 pesos only to get your ass kicked by some jolog who has dedicated his motor skills to mastering infinite combo juggle strings. It's CRAZY.
Which reminds me my most hated thing in Tekken- how someone can just pound you again and again and again before you can ever even stand the frick up. It started in the horrible Tekken 4, and it's still here. It's just wrong to spend dozens of pesos for seconds of game time since you get KILLED by someone using the same move again and again.

Anyway, as I reported earlier, the supposedly deceased Heihachi IS indeed alive... somehow the old geezer survived getting blown up in Honmaru temple by attacking Jack Robots. I guess after all this time, his flesh is so hard it's indestructible. Anyway, once old Hei's unlocked, he's the third to the last character you face in the Story/Arcade mode, right before Devil Jin and End Boss Jinpachi.
Characters I've seen kicking arse are Hwoarang, Nina and Jin... fast characters who have easy and safe combos and moves that just hit and hit and hit seemingly without any recovery time.

PAH. When I get the home version I won't NEED to play in the frickin' mall with these blasted fanatics. I can beat up people in the comfort of The Sanctum as much as I want. Late February can't come soon enough.

Tuesday, February 15

Narrow Margin

Yesterday, I left the office at about 6:30, getting on a bus and heading for home. Curled up in a seat in the cool airconditioning, I zoned out staring at the passing traffic of Ayala avenue and later EDSA.

I stopped by at Megamall and finally played my first games of Tekken 5.

After getting my arse severely kicked several times, I got a text from Budj, informing me about the bombing incident near the LRT station at the corner of EDSA and Ayala.

In another world, another reality, I could have been near that horrific incident, alongside the stricken bus, among the hapless victims bloodied and savaged by a some terrorist bastard's bomb.

DAMN these bastards. No Vanishing Ray for these murdering cowards. PIANO WIRE. I'd do it with fricking PIANO WIRE. DAMN them all to whatever Hell there is.

Be careful and be vigilant, everyone.

I've finally finished all the art for my collaboration with Dean in K.I.A. Entitled "Invitation", the 12-page story is about how a mysterious group of female assassins set their sights on having Kai join their ranks. Unfortunately for them, all Agent K wants to do is finish her job and go home...

Enjoy the full story when K.I.A. comes out. For now though, here are some samples of the finished art.

The Five Seasons have set their eyes on K.

You really shouldn't bother someone when they're busy kicking faces in.

If Sauron had a girlfriend, she'd look like Miren here.

Ji'an doesn't see much action in the story, but isn't she cool-looking?

Monday, February 14


Have a Ninja Valentine's Day!

Even though the 'Day of Hearts' is just a merchandising ploy started by businesses to sell countless boxes of candy, flowers and cards to innumerable hopeless romantics, we hope everyone's sappy and happy today. Happy Valentine's, everyone! And remember, if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with. Heh.

Sunday, February 13

Princess Party

Today is the birthday of Sage, Dean and Nikki's little princess! So all of us Uncles and Aunts are heading off later this afternoon to attend her Disney-themed birthday party. Gotta be out of the house soon after lunch since I gotta shop for her gift, and then maybe head on down to the Tekken 5 machine. Believe it or not, I haven't played a single round yet. But well, I can wait. I'd rather spend my money on the PS2 home version than burning it against hardcore Tekken fanatics who seem to live ON the machine. Anyway...

Happy birthday, Sage! May you have more Princess Parties to come.

I gave up a night out at a new Chinese restaurant with the gang to stay home and work on the pages for K.I.A. The pages for the collaboration with Dean are done in the paper stage- now all there is left is shading and lettering on computer. I see the story being put away by tomorrow or early this week, then it's on to the book's epilogue and one more story.
I'm counting on the last remaining loose ends to be wrapped up this week, and for the pages on digital media to be submitted to the printers by next weekend. That is if the CDs don't get confiscated by some security guard at the MRT.

On the other aspects, I'm also having revisions on the soon-to-be up K.I.A. webpage, and re-doing the layout and look of the online site to match the new cover. The webpage will contain info like contributor bios, samples of the pinups (low-res) and the general storyline. I'll aslo be putting up contact info and directions for ordering in case people from overseas or outside Metro Manila want the book but are thousands of miles away from the nearest Comic Quest branch.

Should keep working into the wee hours of Sunday morning and beyond. I'm tired, but am I happy that I can still do this. This is damn fun. Heh.