Monday, June 27

Bangkok Trippin' 2011

The Golden Buddha in Wat Traimit.

Last week, I was able to visit Bangkok, Thailand a second time. The first was several years ago, for work (albeit for a much longer time). This time it was mainly for pleasure, though the short time (less than 3 days) meant it wasn't as much kicking back as it was cramming whatever we could do while we were there. That pretty much meant walking around, soaking in culture and the sights (including the above-mentioned Golden Buddha, the reclining Buddha of Wat Po and more), foodtripping and, well, shopping. And more shopping, for most. Me, it was enough to just snap a pic or two (dozen) of this teeming city, enjoy a couple of really nice meals with crispy veggies, have my first taste of Ostrich Meat, grab a bunch of souvenir T-shirts and have a memorable (for the pain) walking trip from one big mall to another.

I have to say, after this second trip I have decided- I like Bangkok. I like it a lot. I love the food, I like the relaxing atmosphere and the beautiful sights. If and when I can or have the opportunity or the wherewithal to visit it a third time (or more), I'll surely take it.
Anyways, I took a boatload of photos, which you can, if you have the time, check out over here.