Friday, July 13

Mac and Me

One of the cool things to happen this week at The Salt Mines is that our department all got new Macbook Pro laptops. It's been more than three years since we were issued our first Mac Powerbooks, which we got back then on a lease-to-own arrangement. Well, now that our Powerbooks are now OURS, we can take them home or do with them as we like while brand-new, replacement portables have been made available.

As opposed to the first batch of Macbook Pros which were notorious for bugs and defects (our department head went through two lemons before settling on one that worked fine), the new Macs seem fine. The widescreen LCD screens are gorgeous, and brighter by a large margin than the Powerbooks (though age may have something to do with this). Processing power is great, with Intel Core Processors now running under the hood, with 2 GBs of DDR RAM. More than 80 Gigs of Memory are there for use. Battery life seems excellent as well, with a full charge lasting about four hours or so (the Powerbooks were lucky to last three hours). I particularly love the new power cords, which attach to the laptop via magnets instead of your standard plug... this allows the power cord to detach easily without danger of damaging the laptop or someone accidentally tripping over the line and pulling the laptop off the table and to the merciless floor. Oh, and the keyboard lights up with a lovely white glow when you turn off the lights, for some moody night-typing. Awesome.

But I am of course trying to keep a modicum of distance from my new laptop, since it's technically not 'mine' (though we do have an option to buy them in a few years). I won't even dare bring this out of the office unless it's totally necessary. But darn, it's a gorgeous thing.

As for my old Mac laptop, it's now sitting at home in my Mom's room. I'm more of a PC user anyways, and The Sanctum's desktop does all my requirements perfectly. For now, the Mac can serve to get Mom up to speed with using keyboards and touchpads, typing and sending e-mails to my brother and sister abroad, or using Skype to make internet calls. You gotta love technology. Being a gadget freak these days is bliss.

Wednesday, July 11

Hot News

The Gaang sport new looks in Avatar Season 3: Book of Fire.

Okay, perhaps another bit of premonition on my part. On the heels of my recent Avatar musing came this bit of surprising but thrilling news. Early yesterday, Paramount Home Video has just announced the release date of the first DVD volume of the YET UNAIRED Season 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as the cover art (yeah, that's it up there). The street date for the set, which will contain the FIRST FIVE EPISODES of the new season, is on October 30 (in the US). This has gotten some sites online speculating on a possible LATE SEPTEMBER premiere of Avatar: Book of Fire.
This has, to say the least, caused a furor online whether or not this news is legit. According to reliable sources at, one of the best Avatar fan sites around, it IS.

Anyways, take a gander at that art. Aang with HAIR. The whole gang present, with Katara (with a new 'do instead of her hair loopies), Toph and Sokka... in Fire Nation garb. My gosh. This is just getting me goosebumpy and giddy. It's been so long. TOO LONG. I want questions answered. Issues laid to rest. Cliffhangers hanged. Screw LOST. Screw HEROES. Screw frickin' 24. AVATAR is THE series on TV, man. All I want. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. One more would be pushing it but what the heck. NOW. Man, I am so happy about this that I don't mind that Aang's disguise, despite the nice hair, is kinda iffy since YOU CAN STILL SEE THAT BLASTED ARROW. Heh.

I hope this isn't some sick joke. Gah. Anyway, for the full news article that has started this buzz, look here.
Taxi Tale

So here I was along Katipunan one morning, waiting for a cab to whiz me off to Makati. After a bit, one comes along and I flag it down. I open the door and peer inside at the old driver.

"Makati?" I asked.

The driver grimaced and said, "Naka-tsinelas lang ako, eh." (But I'm just wearing slippers.).

Here's me, in outrage. "NASA LOOB KA NG KOTSE!!!" (You're in a frickin' CAR!!!)

Anyway, he drives off and I'm left thinking after, yeah, maybe it was better for me to have to wait for another cab. God FORBID anyone I know sees me in a cab with a driver who only has slippers on. I'll never live that down.

Feh. At the very least though, that was the first time I heard THAT excuse. Oh well.

Tuesday, July 10

Avatar Watch

Man, it's been months since the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender's Season 2... and STILL there's no Season 3 in sight. Well, at least, until now. An Avatar Panel has been confirmed for this year's San Diego Comic Convention! Last year, the first peek of the later episodes of Season 2 were featured; this year promises to have Avatar Fans foaming at the mouth with anticipation.

The SDCC's website describes the Avatar Panel as follows: 10:30-11:30 Into the Fire Nation: Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender, Season 3 Sneak Peek".

Get a first look at what's to come in the third season, including clips from new episodes, a visual tour of the Fire Nation from show creator Bryan Konietzko and director Joaquim Dos Santos (Justice League); insider information from the show's head writer Aaron Ehasz (Futurama); and a voice-over demonstration from Dee Baker (The Fairly OddParents), who voices Appa and Momo.

Well, I don't think I'll be able to make it to San Francisco, but I'm pretty sure videos of the Avatar event will make their way online soon after. The SDCC happens at the end of July. As for Season 3? My gut is that we'll be lucky to see the first episode or two before 2008 ends. If it happens, maybe November or December. Sigh. Oh well... it's sure to be worth the freakin' wait.