Thursday, May 3


My copy of Adam Warren's Empowered arrived today! I had to order it from the other side of the world from Amazon, but it was worth it. Muhahahaha! So... what can I say about it? It's BIG. Not just in thickness (it's about 225 pages)- it's about a third wider/higher than your usual GN from TokyoPop or Viz. Not exactly a pocketbook or a li'l novel. Still, it's nice and thick and comfy. Oh, and still snug like a bug in a rug in it's plastic cover. No, I haven't opened it yet... I'll save the pleasure of reading it over the weekend or something, perhaps even bring it to the weekend's Comic Workshop to show off. Or maybe not. Muhahaha!

Empowered Corrupts. Muhahaha! Empowered Corrupts Empoweredly. MUHAHAHAHA!!!

Tuesday, May 1

Things I've noticed after starting to watch Heroes...

I love the comic book-style Chapter Titles.

Hey! It's the guy from Alias! And he's with the girl from Carnivale!

I've gotten the somewhat odd tendency to say out loud "Heroes. Created by Tim Kring." at the start of every episode.

Is it just me or is Claire's power really Healing or actually CHRONIC ACCIDENT PRONENESS?

"Purple Girl" looks just like Donna Cruz. While Nathan looks like a cartoony George Clooney. Mohinder reminds me of Sayid from Lost. Sylar reminds me of an evil Brandon Routh. Peter looks like Little Nicky.

The scene where Nathan really cuts loose made me laugh in amazement.

If I had to choose, I'd want Hiro's power.

Nikki is hot.

After 16 episodes straight, I'm still raring to watch on and on and on. I think I've found my live-action equivalent to Avatar.

Monday, April 30


The pace of life these days is weird. I spend a lot of my time collecting and acquiring stuff, but afterwards have little time to actually enjoy these things immediately. I'm like a pack rat, grabbing stuff when I see it and lugging it off to The Sanctum to be digested later. A couple of years ago, it was VCDs and DVDs, anime, games and movies. Currently, it's still comics and videos downloaded online. However, while piles of stuff get stockpiled, I usually don't get to look at them until a fine layer of dust has already settled on top. It's strange- often I get more enjoyment from anticipating looking at stuff than actually looking at the stuff. An odd variation of the old saying, "it's not the destination but the journey".

Still, I DO get to pause every now and then and look at the acquisitions. And the good thing is, at least with comics, anime and TV series, when I finally do get around to looking at them, I usually have the WHOLE thing to enjoy without having to wait too long for the next chapter or installment. It did well for me with DC's 52, the Bleach anime and Naruto Shippuuden.

And now, Heroes. While this sensational series has been capturing the hearts and minds of both comic book fans and non-believers alike for months already, I've been elsewhere. And now, when I've finally gotten around to watching it- I've got NINETEEN fricking' episodes at my fingers. WOOHOO!

Anyway, I've gotten past the first two episodes and the prognosis is good. The characters are cool, the pacing quick and tight and the plot so far has me hooked. Oh, and Nikki the Schizo-killer Single Mom is DAMN HOT. Heh. Anyways, it's a toss-up whether to draw KAI pages while I'm watching episodes, but both might suffer, so I'll have to alternate. I've got a day and a half of pause for now, so I'll do my best to use every second. Or just play a shitload of Virtua Fighter. Oh well.

Sunday, April 29

The Soap Opera Continues...

Information about the story of Tekken 6 just popped up online, care of SD Tekken.
Apparently Jin Kazama won the last tournament, and thereafter takes over the powerful Mishima Zaibatsu. It seems that the dark side has taken control of the young anti-hero, and he starts using manipulative tactics to grab power all over the world with the Zaibatsu's forces. A world war begins, which saps the strength of the many nations... the Zaibatsu emerges victorious and announces its independence as a superpower. The only one that can stand up against Jin now is G-Corp, the mysterious conglomerate from Tekken 5. A huge bounty is laid on the head of Jin Kazama as the 6th King of Iron Fist Tournament is announced...

On the sub-stories, it seems that Kazuya Mishima is head of G-Corps (at least, from the shadows), and is behind the bounty on his son's head. He's no hero, of course... he's just pissed that someone else is taking over the world. Meanwhile, old man Heihachi, who got booted off the CEO seat, is spoiling for revenge.

Leo, the new fighter who may or may not be a cross-dressing girl, is the child of a famous investigator (father) and a G-Corp Executive (mother). The father went missing, and now mom got murdered. Some sleuthing into the incidents reveals the name Kazuya Mishima. And so Rock Howard- er, Leo, joins the Tekken tournament for some answers...

Zafina, the limber new hottie, is apparently some kind of holy guardian, whose duty has been to protect an ancient royal tomb. The recent carnage all over the world points to a prophecy that the world may end soon, and so Zafina leaves her post to see if Armageddon is indeed just around the corner...

Finally, Yoshimitsu finds out that his sword, which gains power from defeating villains, has a dark side- it may turn him insane. And so, he switches to a new sword which is meant to seal the dark powers of his former weapon.

Whew! Weird stuff... but that's all in line with Tekken. There are tons of other characters yet to be revealed, but all will surely have love, revenge, greed, curiosity and what have you to satisfy in this latest tournament. Can't wait to see this. Arcades will probably see it before 2007 ends... here's to the PS3 game coming in soon afterwards.