Friday, December 26

K.I.A.: Love at First Fight?

Agent K and the ninja Shizaze. Can love bloom among assassins?

Here's the latest K.I.A. artwork I've done. It's based on a K.I.A. script written by Elbert Or, and tells how one of Agent K's competitors falls for her after they cross paths during a mission. It's a pretty fun and interesting plot point to throw into the mix, and something that may make for pretty colorful stories in the future. We'll see how it goes...

Thursday, December 25

Kick-ass pose for a Butt-kicking heroine

Here's another Cho-inspired artwork of Agent K. I'm actually doing all these new artworks in a sketchbook my boss gave me for Christmas. At the rate I'm going, I may fill it up before the holidays break ends. That should be more than enough to fill any need for character designs and extra material for the final book. Heh. More to come soon.
Hanging in the Holiday

I just spent the day just lolling around at home. Last night, we had our traditional family dinner, complete with embutido (a Christmas meat loaf), spaghetti, my Mom's special macaroni salad (which only appears at Christmas) and nice toasty bread. It was simple but me and my brother would have it no other way. We wolfed down the salad like it was gold, the cold, sweet-savoury flavor going down perfectly in between bites of meaty embutido. Umm.

Today was pretty much just a time of relaxing and recovering from the night before. Tomorrow, I hope I can muster enough strength to get out and do some last minute stuff for a big event that's coming up on the weekend.

Mmm. Wish there was more of that salad... Yum...
Sneaking on Christmas

Santa Claus isn't the only one pitter-pattering about this night.

Here's another K.I.A. artwork done in my new art style, emulated from artist Frank Cho. Yep, I am intending to do at least one of my stories in the upcoming anthology in this style, which should please pals of mine like Dean and Vin. I'm quite excited at how this will turn out. I'll probably start doing the pages within the next few days. Till then, enjoy the view of Agent K.

It's been a great year despite a whole lot of goofs, poofs and an odd assortment of events both good and bad. I hope everyone here is having a warm christmas with their loved ones. Let's all enjoy the day of the Christ's birth peacefully and happily at home.


From the Sanctum of a MADman

Merry Christmas to one and all!!!

Wednesday, December 24


Recently, AXN has been showing spots of a CG-Santa. I've actually been ignoring these, until one time when I actually saw one spot to the end. I realized that the spot was a teaser for Animax, with the line First Asian All-Anime Channel underneath.
Is this my dream come true? 24 hour of anime? Everyday? MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH! I hope Sky Cable gets it. For their sake. Cause if they don't, I'm switching to the cable operator that does. WOOHOO!!! Animaaaaaaaaaxxxx!!!!

Tuesday, December 23

Agent K, Monkey-Boy style!

Here's an artwork of Kai which I did emulating the style of Frank Cho, one of my artistic idols. I just love Mr. Cho's sexy, classic art. And we love to draw a lot of the same things (sexy, half-naked, kick-ass babes) as well! He's set to wow fans this coming summer 2004 with a raunchy, sexy remake of Shanna the She-Devil. I can hardly wait. Till then, I'll be working on my own girl-power comic... I wonder if I can pull off an entire K.I.A. story in the Cho-style? We'll see... Heh...
K.I.A. goes WWE, UFC

The nasty girls of the Femme Fatale Fighting League.

Here's a sample of the art that will be coming from Jeremy Arambulo for next year's K.I.A. special. He's doing Victors and Victims, a script which puts Agent K into the seedy confines of an underground fighting tournament. This script has everything; sexy brawling babes, evil martial arts masters, catfighting, revenge, pyro explosions and Kai in a leather mask! No wonder Jeremy's having fun drawing it. Heh.
Victors and Victims is just one of the many stories we're planning to pack into the K.I.A. anthology, which hopefully will be street-manga thick and gritty. Watch out for it in 2004!

Monday, December 22

An Action Adventure Film for Tomorrow

"This patch? I got it after that bloody Tomb Raider sequel."

I've just seen the trailer of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and I think you all should see it too. It's an action-adventure of the serial-pulp action flavor, with uber-cool retro visuals. This film seems to have it all: World War II-era technology, old scientists, beautiful reporters, leather-clad femme fatales, GIANT ROBOTS, Zeppelins, fighter aircraft with FLAPPING wings, skyscrapers and Angelina Jolie with an eyepatch!
Aside from Lara Croft, Sky Captain also stars Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bai Ling and Giovanni Ribisi.

This film, slated for release in Summer 2004, looks really cool; like Iron Giant meets The Rocketeer meets The Shadow meets Tales of the Gold Monkey meets Flash Gordon. Get a glimpse of the world of tomorrow here.

Sunday, December 21


Last night we had the Siglo: Freedom soft launch at Greenbelt 3's Ice Vodka Bar. I had with me my cousin Jeremy and my mom (who soon regretted not having her credit card after seeing the shops at this most posh of malls). We met the others in front of Ice and spent the time chatting, taking in the hip crowd and the sights. Jeremy had a ball just filming everything on his handicam. There was of course Dean and Gig, El and Camy, Carl, Jason, Gerry and Andrew. Too bad Hai and Arnold couldn't make it. Anyway, Charles was also there to proxy for the missing Vin and had HUGE posters of The Return of the King to give away. Thanks for the posters, Stalker-Boy!

Anyway, the launch was spent enjoying cold but tasy finger food like thin crust pizza, toast with a nice pesto-cheese-meat spread, spicy chicken wings and chips. The open bar meant all the ice tea, beer and liquor you could handle.

After an hour or so, Nautilus Books' publisher, Mr. Choy Cojuangco came over and we had a nice little photoshoot and introduction to Siglo's benefactor. Then, it was more chatting and lots of books to be signed.

We ended the night relatively early since we had to pick up my dad at his shop. So, at a little past nine we bade goodbye to everyone and were off.

Great launch, everyone! SIGGGLLLOOOOOOO!!!!!
New Phone for the New Year

Perhaps it's a way of compensating for my recent Christmas party debacle, or perhaps not (no, it really is). I traded in my Sony Ericsson T68i for a second-hand Sony Ericsson T610. It's the nice phone with a pretty cool integrated camera. Yep, I'm now part of the phone-camera crowd. I paid about 8K for my new toy, which is pretty good considering that a brand-new T610 would normally set you back 17K. As with my T68, I can pretty much customize the wallpaper as I please (both with uploaded/downloaded images or even simply pics taken with the camera). Now, all that I have to do is get the e-mail settings to work so I can at the very least send and store pics I take to an online gallery.

Ah, the fun of phone fetishes. Gotta love it.