Friday, December 12

Onto the C3Con!

Tomorrow, Carl and I will be manning the tables at the Comic Quest booth at the C3Con. The last year, Carl was just coming off the first releases of the Zsa Zsa comics, and I was still peddling Angel Ace Again (but in a nice 4-in-1 package). We had a grand time just sketching away, otaku-watching, hobnobbing with our peers in the local comics industry and generally just chillin'.

This year, we're looking forward to a HORDE of releases that seem as numberless as Sauron's orcs attacking Minas Tirith in The Return of the King (Yes, I am still obsessed with that movie).

I have Angel Ace Next. Carl has the Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Compilation. The barkada has SIGLO: Freedom. Jason and Psicom have, among others, Cherry Blossom High and Mystic Machine Maharlika.
Mango Komiks is releasing Darna #3 and will apparnetly be on the lookout for talent.
Culture Crash 13 will be unleashed by CCCom.
The latest Questor is expected. Summit's release of Slam Dunk will be making it's appearance. Pugad Baboy will be there, so maybe I can finally meet Pol Medina Jr. and shake his hand.
Ground Zero will have a booth and perhaps a new release. So will a group called Blue Shuffle (haven't seen this). Then there's Glasshouse Studios, which will also probably be looking for talent among the countless otaku and comic-lovers sure to be attending.
Alamat won't have a booth, but Budjette Tan will surely be among the mingling crowds over the weekend.

And that's just for comics and manga, friends. There's still tons of anime, toys, hobbies and other interests that will be filling up the Megatrade Hall.

It's gonna be FUN. Hope to see you all there.

Thursday, December 11


On a related note, Siglo: Freedom also arrived today, according to Dean. This anthology/trade paperback of ten stories set in various decades of Philippine history was something our barkada slaved on for an incredibly short period of time, and the result of this initially mercenary, supposedly independent-publishing project is nothing short of phenomenal.
It has since ended up being picked up and published by a real publishing house (Mango Books; not to be confused with Mango Komiks/Entertainment, the makers of the recent Darna comics) and will soon be launched with full nationwide distribution and marketing to follow... All I can say is... How did that happen?!

Synchronicity. Being at the right place at the right time. Providence. Dumb luck. Call it what you will. All I can say is that it's wonderful.
Angel is BACK!!!

I've got several freshly-done, hot-off-the-press copies of Angel Ace Next on my desk. So it's pretty safe to say we're all set for the C3Con.
The issue came out wonderfully, despite having some teeny-tiny graphical nicks, some little hiccups with the binding (which I myself didn't notice) and an earlier error that resulted in some blurry film negatives.
When it was all said and done, my printer came through, and the whole batch will be delivered tomorrow- one day earlier than expected. We've got PRODUCT. Now all that's left is the marketing stuff like posters and other doodads. Sigh.

A Million Thanks goes out to Carlo Vergara (who as well is no doubt giddy with joy at the realization of his own GLORIOUS Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Compilation) for being invaluable in getting Angel Next produced. I couldn't have done it without ya, Carl.

Pros, Ams and Cons

Aside from the 'veteran' hands in local publishing, there will be a solid indie comic and amateur manga showing in this years' C3Con. I am totally for this; the Con is becoming THE showcase for independent publishing and creativity in young artists and creators, and having an event that totally supports the indie comic book can only be great stuff for the next generation of grafictionists.

This year's activities of course include an Independent Comic-making Contest. Tonight I just carried a PILE of spankin' brand new photocopied grafiction to CCCom head honcho James' car. The various entries include expectedly a large number of manga-style works, as well as a goodly number of non-manga issues. Sadly, a lot of the envelopes were so tightly-sealed, we didn't get to look at them (MISSED YOUR CHANCE, kids).

What blew us away for sheer presentation was one entry which was apparently FULLY PUBLISHED, complete with perfect binding and perhaps 100+ pages (it's a comic strip-style humor collection). Considering that the creators of that book are still in school, they either got themselves a printing press or a lot of moolah (or both) to invest in such a venture. Well, I got the original Angel Ace published after college... unfortunately, no C3Con then. Oh well.

I am actually interested in recruiting some of the young talent I saw in the various entries; perhaps they can contribute to K.I.A. next year. Hmmm... I'm starting to think a lot like Jason. Yikes. In another year or two, I probably won't be drawing as much as I just write and produce... Heh.

Nah. Never happen.

Well... Let's look back two years from now and see. Heh.

Wednesday, December 10

Angel Ace Freebies

Early birds for Angel Ace Next will get some nice extras at the Con.

In preparation for the C3Con this weekend, we're having some cool giveaway pics done. Arnold Arre sent us these two extremely lovely and colorful pinups of Angel and Kai recently. While it was obviously too late to get them into the pages of Angel Ace Next, we figured that giving copies of the pics away would be a cool treat for fans of both Angel Ace AND Arnold's art style.
So, be sure to get your copy of Angel Ace Next this weekend to get your pick either of a cute and wholesome Angel pic, or a fierce and sexy Kai. Plus, the first fifty copies will come with a nice li'l photo pic/ad of next year's K.I.A.

See ya at the Con!

Tuesday, December 9

C3Con on the Horizon

We make landfall this Saturday!!!

Last year's C3Con was the most fun an otaku could find as conventions can go here in the ol' RP. There were tons of stuff to ogle at, tons of stuff to spend your cash on, and tons of stuff to just listen, taste and feel.
I remember the crowds and crowds of giddy young people, eyes shining and smiles wide at the festival-like atmosphere. I remember the booths, lined with toys and comics and anime and other doo-dads and goodies that you can imagine. I remember the cosplayers- bless those weird, wonderful souls- who came and showed off their home-made getups with pride and grace. Better you than me, guys... heh.
I remember the loud J-Pop tunes (Dean and Nikki would cringe), the silly contests and the wonderful activities that I was able to participate in as a judge. I remember the feeling of satisfaction that I was part of an event that was so positive and encouraging in one's creativity and expression.
I also remember that I promised that in the NEXT C3Con, I would have a NEW issue of Angel Ace ready.

And here we are.

Angel Ace Next will be ready this weekend, hopefully to fly off the tables to the hands of waiting readers. Of course, there will be others there as well. Of course, there will be SIGLO from the barkada, the Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Compilation from Carl, and Cherry Blossom High from Jason and Psicom. The latest Culture Crash and Questor issues (which hopefully will bring word of my Kunoichi Boy within them) will be on hand. Ground Zero and Blue Shuffle are indie comic groups that will have a significant presence at the con. And of course, there's Pugad Baboy, Beerkada, Ragnarok, Bandai and Toei of Japan, Glasshouse Studios, CATs Collectibles, Comic Sale Central and more to populate the menagerie of otaku treats on offer.

It's gonna be a great con. I hope we see you all there.

Back in the Hobbit

Speaking of LOTR, while the story ends with The Return of the King, the long journey of the infamous One Ring (the prop was pocketed by Elijah Woon as a souvenir of the filming) with the hobbits began in the Tolkien novel, The Hobbit, which is set 50 years prior to the events in the LOTR trilogy.
Now, readers of the books have wondered if director Peter Jackson was interested in making an LOTR prequel... the answer is, yes. Jackson has reportedly expressed a desire to do The Hobbit, possibly working with several of the actors and most of the crew behind LOTR.
Gandalf the Grey (played by Ian McKellen) will most assuredly appear in the prequel, along with main hobbit hero Bilbo Baggins (played in the LOTR films by Ian Holm). Elven princess Arwen (Liv Tyler) would also conceivably appear. And of course, Gollum (the CG creature given life by Andy Serkis) would play a vital role.

I remember watching the Rankin/Bass animated Hobbit film, and even from that the story's excellent. Hobbit Bilbo Baggins is goaded by Gandalf to join a troop of dwarves as the party 'burglar' in order to steal back the treasure under the Lonely Mountain, now guarded by the mighty dragon, Smaug the Magnificent. Aside from having the first encounter with Gollum, the Hobbit also features encounters with spiders, goblins and wargs, wood elves, a city built on a lake, a battle with a dragon and at the climax, a battle between Five Armies.

A Hobbit film by PJ and Weta would no doubt be uber cool. And a great companion to the already excellent LOTR trilogy. Cross your fingers, it just may happen. Someday. Somehow...

That's me. With The Return of the King.

I'm always checking up on The One Ring. Net and Ain't It Cool for any new reports or details. I'm watching the trailer constantly, as well as the 10 minute preview on The Two Towers dvd. I'm even tempted to start playing the ROTK videogame on the PS2. But noooo... NOTHING will sate this hunger save the actual film.
Am I any bit worried that it may actually disappoint me? Not really. The reviews are positive, and there simply can't be any degradation after the first excellent two installments. I loved Fellowship of the Ring and still consider it the better over TTT. Towers, on the other hand, kind of disappointed me (Hobbit scenes were too slow for me) but after repeated viewings I love it almost as much as FOTR.
If ROTK is as good as either of the preceding films, I will be happy. If I am moved to watery eyes (as most viewers were according to many reviews) by ROTK and I find it even better than I can hope, then pretty much I proclaim the LOTR film trilogy The MADman's favorite movie series ever.
Damn, I'm gushing and the film's still at least a week away, at worst almost a month away.

Gotta get to a Premiere. Just gotta. Gotta, hafta, musta. Heh.