Friday, January 31


DOAX is now in my hands... (Note: Photo not of my actual hand or game copy)

YES! After an annoyingly long wait and several delays, I finally got my grubby paws on a copy of Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, or DOAX. This sexy spin-off from the popular Dead or Alive fighting game series stars all the lovely female fighters and none of the men, so this is made specially for male DOA fans. The premise is that the ladies were tricked into coming to a tropical paradise for the next martial arts tournament. What they find however, is nothing more than a convenient excuse to have them dress down to the bare essentials and prepare for a serious bit of bikini-clad action on the volleyball courts. So far, I've logged almost ten hours of play, so I guess I can venture a review very soon. Was it worth the wait? Is it the next gaming masterpiece? Or is it just a Baywatch episode or an issue of Swimsuit Animated magazine? Find out my thoughts soon...
All Your Bandwidth Are Belong To Us

Regulars may probably have noticed that we were down for the past couple of days. This was due to my homepage,, being shut down due to excessive traffic bandwidth. How THAT ever happened is beyond me... I mean, nobody goes there, right..? Heh. Anyway, i'ts a new month and we have a fresh new GIG of traffic to feed on. Let's hope nothing like this happens again... hope, hope.

Wednesday, January 29

Working for Food

During those times when you're forced to be a grown-up and take responsibility, when you must put others' interests before your own, when you have to do freaky OVERTIME... there's only one thing to look forward to... Free food. Over my years in advertising I've gone through many night sieges and stakeouts... I've had quite a lot of delivery food. North Park for Chinese food; love those crispy cone-shaped dumplings with the red sauce. Singkit or World Topps for rice meals; I really like those paper containers that give it an authentic Chinese takeout feel. Then there's of course Yellow Cab for pizza; big discs of yummy toppings that go down great with ice-cold Mountain Dew. Just no anchovies please. Never accept McDo or Jollibee for overtime food. That's TABOO.
This night we had a classic and a never-fail-order... A bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Hot and crispy and smothered with gravy and all the rice I could eat. Crunchy skin, tender meat, spiced to perfection so much that I have to recall those rumors of The Colonel putting some secret addictive ingredient into the chicken. Heh.
Sigh. Will finish in a while, I hope. Got to get home soon... get some shut-eye since work continues tomorrow... but not after some payback time. Heh.

Tuesday, January 28

We Don't Need Another Hero...

I should be at Megamall right now, getting ready to watch the premiere of the new Hong Kong period action/fantasy/martial arts epic Hero, which stars Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung.
Instead, I am stuck at work doing overtime. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! There is no justice in this world.

Bah. I'll just catch it on DVD.
Matrix Reloaded Superbowl trailer LOVE!

I just saw the Superbowl trailer of Matrix Reloaded. All I can say is... WOW! You've got some more scenes of real world events as we see the human city of Zion. There's a great scene of a car chase on a freeway where an agent leaps onto a speeding car, SMASHING it like it was made of paper. Then there's the return of Hugo Weaving as Agent Smiths (yes, that's 'Smiths' as in lots... apparently Weaving's stint as Elrond the elflord gave him magic... Smith can now duplicate himself). There's a scene with Neo battling dozens of Agent Smiths with a pole that is reminiscent of large battle scenes from Jet Li's Once Upon A Time In China films. Then there are scenes with Trinity, Neo flying through the city and... it ENDS. Darn. Go see it yourself at the the official site.

Monday, January 27

A Little Catch

I was able to sneak in a jaunt to Megamall and score a couple of game picks: the Xbox Shenmue 2 and Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends for the PS2. Both are improved versions of previous installments, so I thought I'd try them out. I was able to successfully give in the KC Strange pages; I also got to look at the pages from Arnold, Jason and Mike. Looks great! This second issue of Ab Ovo (the comic thing where all of our stuff will be appearing) looks to be even better than the first one. Can't wait to see it next month.
KC Strange

Here's a sample of the KC Strange story coming out next month...

Finished the 4 pages of KC Strange! Now it's all a matter of delivering it later today. The adventures of the feisty and attractive paranormal investigator are quite fun to do. I hope this isn't the last time I get to draw her. Who knows what can be possible in the future though? Anyway, with KC finished, I can move back to doing Angel Ace and other stuff. This week's looking to be very busy though. Will just have to hope everything goes well. DAMN! It's THREE O' CLOCK ALREADY?!?!

Sunday, January 26

Star Carrot

I worked on the KC Strange pages since after lunch, fully prepared to spend the rest of the day in the house. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess), I realized that I had no more CD-Rs in the house. Since submission was tomorrow, I had to go out and buy some. I decided against going to Megamall or Greenhills since I would inevitably be sidetracked. Heh. So I opted instead to go the opposite direction: East, towards Sta. Lucia East mall.
Well, as I rode the bus towards the more... provincial... place, I suddenly realized how long it has been since I went there; there was a whole MALL that I had never seen before! It was Robinson's Place East, and I decided to check it out. Oh well, it was your average small mall; lots of fast food places (the requisite McDo, Jollibee, Greenwich combos), clothing shops, sports and furniture and odds and ends. In other words, useless to me. There was a Gamelandia and an Astrovision, which had little to no games of note. The only computer shop didn't have the brand of CD-R I trusted. Sigh.
I got hungry after a bit, and for some reason I decided to try a steak place named Star Carrot. Yep, Star Carrot. It boasted a menu of 'pepper' meats; pepper steak, pepper pork, pepper beef, pepper chicken... all of which served to you sizzling on a small skillet. Maybe I took pity since there was NO ONE else in there, so I sat down and ordered the Pepper Sirloin and an order of Caesar Salad. Yep, Caesar Salad.
Well, the Sirloin came, and it was of average size, coming with some corn on the side and garnishings of a few mushrooms and star-shaped carrot slices (where the place got it's name, of course). But what made me bristle was the size of the RICE. Unlike 99 percent of all eateries which served rice in cup-mold form, they serve it flattened on a wide plate... the serving looked PUNY. Were they serious??? Well, they were since the waiter just served it to me and then stood back. I shrugged and started eating. The steak was pretty good, and was tender and had a distinct pepper taste. The corn was good and ripe too. However, I had to order extra rice (which they served only after I finished the first serving). The side soup was good, but the CAESAR SALAD turned out to be lettuce, CUCUMBER and tomato with almost tasteless Caesar dressing- Shakey's Mojos with Caesar dip tasted more like Caesar's Salad than that tripe. Bah.
Anyway, the steak was fair but these people have nothing on Steak Joint. Horribly puny rice serving and bad Caesar Salad... I fear for their future...
I finally headed to Sta. Lucia, and after some wandering I found a Columbia computer shop and got some more CD-Rs. After getting lost a bit (It's been awhile) I got onto a jeep for home.

Should finish KC Strange tonight, and I guess I will have to leave it at Comic Quest at noon or leave the office early evening. Have work ahead of me yet this night...