Friday, February 15


The teaser trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is now online in lovely, lovely Quicktime, so go on and download it! I mean, this is a trailer you need to see in QT, not in crappy Youtube quality. I have to say, Indiana Jones is THE number one name in Pulp Action-Adventure. No other character, franchise or series quite nails it like Indy. Even though the movies' quality has gone down a notch with every subsequent sequel, even the worst Indy film (Last Crusade) is still head and shoulders above every other tomb-raiding, treasure-hunting, fist-fighting and bull-whipping film or show out there.

Anyway, even though he's quite a long in years and has played the President of the United States (GET OFF MY PLANE), he still looks Indy-cool. I mean, Professor Jones has never been a macho man like Rambo, so it doesn't matter that he's not ripped. He's still Harrison Ford, he's still Indy. Anyway, the Roswell link, the new baddies (Russian cold warriors led by a brunette Cate Blanchett) and the same hard-hitting but kinda-cartoony action seems intact even this early, and that's awesome. It's gonna be a bit of a wait till May, but darn, this should be worth it. To pass the time, I should track down DVD copies of the earlier films and have myself a marathon one of these days.

Anyway, download links for the trailer can be found here. Can you hear that classic theme playing? WOOHOOO!!!