Friday, December 26

Rainy Christmas

Perhaps fitting for the way the whole year has gone, Manila saw a rainy, sodden Christmas. Not much in the way or sound or even feeling of festivity from Christmases Past. It was more subdued, less extravagant and more introspective, I believe. The economic crisis, a corrupt, ruthless regime that's filthy and incompetent from top to bottom, and a puzzling frequency of fires has taken it's toll. Yeah, it's still Christmas. Still, Filipinos want to have their Noche Buena feasts and gifts and stuff. But a bit quieter this time.

Not really a biggie for me... we've always had a simple but hearty dinner every Christmas Eve, and that's all we need. Despite it all, I am so happy that I'm still around, and this big chance to just chill, pause and rest for quite a while is something that I treasure. Just some Me Time, some time to savour and just BE without something looming in a couple of days. Bliss, in spite of it all.

Let's be thankful for small miracles, for life and our loved ones. That's all we need.