Saturday, July 28

Hot Date

FINALLY, it's set.

Book of Fire, the 3rd Season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, is set to premiere on television on September 21, 2007. This is the date on the special Avatar hologram cards being given at the currently ongoing San Diego Comic Convention. The long wait isn't over, but at least the end is in sight.

To recap things so far... The Mighty Earth Kingdom, the last great bastion against the invading Fire Nation, has fallen under the control of the ruthless Princess Azula and the Dai Li. Prince Zuko has chosen to side with his once-hated sister, betraying both his beloved Uncle Iroh and Aang the Avatar. Battling against two formidable Firebenders and dozens of Dai Li agents, Aang and Katara barely escaped, with Aang mortally wounded. Using the Sacred Water given by the Northern Water Tribe, Katara brings Aang back from the brink of death. The Avatar's party escapes Ba Sing Se on Appa's back, bringing with them the Earth King and his pet bear, Bosco. It doesn't get any darker that this, people.

The answers we seek, the comeuppance we crave, the action we've come to expect and the characters we love return this September. I can't fricking wait. More information and stuff on the 3rd Season is expected out this weekend as the Avatar Panel at the SDCC convenes. Damn, I wish I were there right now. Oh well.

Thursday, July 26

Tabloid TV

I have to confess that usually at night, I put the TV on to ETC to catch the latest news on The Insider and Inside Edition. While it's quite interesting to see the day-to-day lives of American celebrities being examined with the magnifying glass of a CSI, I have steadily found it unnervingly creepy how the US tabloids and media just go a bit too far as long as it makes news. Like that whole fiasco with Anna Nicole Smith. She wasn't an angel by any length, but the most horrid thing for me wasn't that she died exactly- it was that her death, into her autopsy and burial were on the spotlight and sold on air to the very end. People frickin' DIE on television for the public's pleasure, in a way. Whatever happened to the right to die in peace or dignity?

Well, perhaps that's the price of fame. On the other hand, another really irksome thing for me is how the young, beautiful princesses of Hollywood- Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton... are self-destructing on camera. Rich, beautiful, famous but inexplicably and incredibly BROKEN. Feh.

I should just try to tune off the Hollywood news and just get back to watching clean, pleasant stuff. Like Forensic Files and Murder Investigations on Discovery Channel. Mmm.

Monday, July 23

Welcome Back, Potter

I haven't been to a mall in days, so I missed all the hubbub about the launch of the latest and last Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Spoiler whore that I am, I already know how it ends and all that crap, but I do fully intend to go and read the last three books for myself eventually. I'm more a fan of the movies than the books, but I do see value in having a copy of each of the seven parts of this significant bit of pop literature. Or maybe I'll just download an audio book or something. Whatever.

Anyway in case anybody doesn't know yet, here's how it ends. Harry defeats Voldemort only to lock himself into becoming the next Dark Lord, so he has Hermione kill him. Hogwarts is renamed Potterdore Academy, in memory of Harry and Dumbledore. The End.

Just kidding. Go, read it and enjoy. Heh.