Saturday, September 20

Nina: Agent Chronicles

One of the perks of going solo is a sharper wardrobe. Now THIS is how a femme fatale should look...

I'm pretty excited at how the Nina spin-off game is going to turn out. Anyway, Namco has already opened the official site for the game, which has cool pics despite being totally in Japanese. Anyway, Miss Williams is apparently on the good guys' side this time, acting as spy investigating a mysterious (and sinister) organization known as Camietta. This group seems to have in its possession a powerful weapon which they are going to market to terrorists. Nina is sent in with two other agents to infiltrate the cruise ship where the organization's executives are convening. Being the Tekken vet, Nina enters the onboard fighting competition and wins. However, she soon learns that her teammates have failed, and now its all on her shoulders to carry out the mission.
The game will have elements of action games like The Bouncer and Metal Gear, with fighting, exploration, the use of weapons and equipment and even some stealth and sneaking around. Nina will have the use of her Tekken skills as well as some new moves. Most interesting is the Internal Damage System where you can strike at an enemy's internal organs (an X-Ray diagram of the victim actually shows up onscreen!) for greater damage.
Some Tekken-ish touches in the game include a lab supposedly owned by Doctor Boskonovitch, and a rumoured appearance or role by Nina's sister, Anna. The game is set for a 2004 release on PS2, so we'll be watching this one.

Friday, September 19

Nina Williams goes solo!

Assassin, martial artist, cryogenic experimentee and all-around tough girl Nina Williams goes beyond Tekken

Namco has recently announced that they are currently developing a PS2 game tentatively titled Nina, which will star the Tekken femme fatale. Apparently, players take control of Ms. Williams as she infiltrates a cruise ship to spy on a secret organization. Aside from her Tekken fighting skills, Nina will supposedly be able to use a variety of weapons, including guns, swords and other implements.
The game is supposedly 30 percent complete; perhaps we'll seeing Nina in Lara Croft-mode early next year.

My officemate Joey (who's a girl) says that I sound exactly like actor Aga Muhlach. Since she worked with the guy on lots of commercials, she should know what she's talking about.
Strange... the guys at my former agency where Aga was used as a model didn't notice that... Oh well.

Moving on...
This comes to no surprise...

In most people's eyes you're a loveable goof and a
comedian. But that's just a facade for a person
who's about as true as a friend can ever be.
You're most like Ripley Scott!

Which Angel Ace character are you most like?
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Inu Yasha: Season of the Shichinin-Tai

The Shichinintai consist of (from L-R, U-D) Ginkotsu, Jakotsu, Kyokoutsu, Bankotsu, Suikotsu, Renkotsu and Mukotsu.

I spent last night watching episodes 98 to 108 of the Inu Yasha anime TV series. The episodes still chronicle the adventures of Kagome Higurashi, a modern-day Japanese teen and reincarnation of a dead miko (priestess or shrine maiden) who falls into an enchanted time-travelling well behind her home/temple. The titular Inu Yasha (literally dog-boy) is a hotheaded, somewhat obnoxious half-human, half dog-demon youth whom Kagome at first clashes with, and then eventually teams up with to find the shattered pieces of a powerful artifact known as the Shikon no Tama. Joining Kagome's and Inu Yasha's quest is Miroku, a lecherous monk with a black hole in his hand, Shippou, a cute little fox demon child and Sango, a beautiful taiji-yah, or demon hunter, with a big chip on her shoulder (not to mention a BIG-ass boomerang!). Together, these heroes try to hunt down the insidious Naraku, a powerful half demon who has done a terrible crime to each of them.
Inu Yasha is an action-adventure with dashes of Takahashi comedy and romantic elements, but it is primarily a show with lots of sword-slashing, demon-killing, ancient Japan-era mysticism.
The latest episodes I have watched (and will watch) are part of the Shichinin-Tai story arc; in it, Inu Yasha and company continue their search for the vanished Naraku. In order to delay them, the villain resurrects a long-dead band of fearsome mercenaries known as the Shichinin-Tai (translated as 'Seven-Man Army'). Ranging from a voracious giant to a walking mechanical arsenal, this deadly squad is Inu Yasha's toughest challenge to date.
I'll be watching the rest of this action-packed story arc over the weekend. Lots of anime fun to be had! Oh, Joy! Heh.

Thursday, September 18

Neither Storm Nor Smog...

... can keep me from my anime, ye scurvy dog! Har, Har!

Zipped on over to Greenhills to get my anime fix, picking up VCDs of the new fanservice/ecchi fighting series, Ikki Tousen, the new Sakura Wars 3rd OAV: Ecole de Paris, the first two episodes of Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu and a disc of the new Teen Titans cartoon.

Ikki Tousen is about a Japanese high school where young students fight brutal duels using martial arts and the powers of mysterious 'soul stones' which contain the essences of ancient warriors.

Sakura Wars 3rd OAV is another entry in the popular franchise about a steampunk-era world where the best defense against demonic invasion are steam-powered mecha piloted by fickle young women. Ecole de Paris takes the action to France where a new batch of girls fight against evil in the land of croissants and wine.

Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu! is the second season of the popular mecha-high school misadventures series starring hotheaded primadonna Kanami Chidori and merc pilot/soldier Sosuke "Fish Out of Water" Sagara. In contrast to the Gonzo-produced first season which had lots of action, Fumoffu will be more comedic and light-hearted, with mostly one-shot episodes set in the premises of the school.

And finally, The Teen Titans is the recently-shown US animation series about teenage superheroes based on the DC Comics title. The look of the show has a kiddie, anime influence; I'm actually quite curious as to how it works.

LOTS of animation fun to be had. I'll make sure to take up my time with them in this weekend, seeing as I have to stay home and conserve funds (too late) since I will only be getting paid next payday. Woe is me! Heh.
Shrouded Cityscape

That's pretty much what you'll see if you look out the window at Metro Manila today. There isn't just one but two storms or tropical depressions (one inexplicably named Roscas) present in the Philippines' territory, and it sure looks it. It's weird; there's a dirty, yellowish cast to the sky, while dark gray clouds hang overhead oppressively, almost scraping the tops of the highest nearby buildings.
You can't see much of the city in the distant horizon, the drizzles and downpours reducing the images to just hazy outlines of the cityscapes. Creepy but oddly beautiful. But let's just say that I am glad to be indoors. Though of course, I'd rather be HOME and indoors in my Sanctum.

Wednesday, September 17

Hungry Men Wear Plaid

I finally got to try out the gourmet sandwich place, Plaid, which is located a couple of buildings away from my own office. I've been trying to get the crew at the office to go there for several days now, and I finally succeeded when we went out to merienda. Unfortunately, the place just looked too intimidating and expensive for them, not to mention that the sandwiches were on the pricey and heavy side. I kinda felt bad that the guys didn't want to stay, so I bought a classic BLT sandwich and we were on our way to a less expensive and eatery that has snack-size fare. We
'll probably be back there another day, when we're in the mood for a sandwich lunch.

Monday, September 15


Gotta wear my story-writing headgear on this week. Have not one but three scripts to write. Thankfully, none of them go over two digits; in fact only one does; the other two are in the 8-page range.
The first is my entry in our group's secret project, the concept of which has been approved and given a deadline for script/page outline over the weekend. It's pretty much about my own experiences, so it should be both fun to recount and creepy to reinvent. Heh.
The other two are both scripts for back-up stories in the next Angel Ace issue. One is a eight-page story about Angel and Kai in their younger years, with some ninja-kicking, roof-jumping action. The other is slightly longer and is an updated and expanded remake of Night Flight, an Angel Ace story that came out years ago. Both are due to be given to the guest artists who will be executing them asap.

I should be working on these things within the week. Should pay off bigtime when it's all said and done and put down. Heh.

Now... where did I put that darn hat?
Steak Out

Went out this afternoon with Pot and Andrew. We walked around Greenhills for a bit and then made a beeline to Steak Joint. We each had double tenderloin steaks and lotsa garlic rice. The meals arrived dripping bloody good gravy and sizzling on hot plates to our delight. I again looked longingly at cellphones and... gasp... a Gameboy Advance SP. I DO NOT WANT OR NEED IT!!! GAH!
Retired back to the Sanctum and watched Sinbad on DVD. Then started writing out a script for an Angel Ace back-up story that's going to be done by a special guest artist.

Sunday, September 14

Saturday Fun Machine

Saturday was, as always, an oasis of recreation after the week of going to the office. Never mind that I've been gallivanting and walking about the Ortigas area all week, I don't think I'll ever get tired of Megamall or Greenhills. Yes, I know it's sad. Heh.
The day started with me waking up early in the AM at about nine or so. It was still impossible to rouse myself to go out and venture to CCHQ or Carl's talk about comic book panelling at Ateneo (which I was told was a very enlightening experience for Dean and Gig). Had the usual lunch with the family and then relaxing time at the Sanctum.

A Greenhills foray followed late in the afternoon. I lurked among the stalls and stores in the Theater Mall and Virra Mall section, looking for a new cellphone. Still the list of possibilities include a Sony Ericsson T610, a Nokia 3650 or 7250i. I found prices far lower than that in shops in Megamall. I will definitely be getting my next phone here.

Next I went to the anime shops, looking for new episodes of Inu Yasha and anything else that pops up and looks interesting. Got a little irritated at the incompetence of saleswomen. BAH. Sell kamote na lang (ika nga ni Dean) if you can't get simple instructions or can't even be expected to know what you're selling. GAAAAHHHH!!!

I then continued on to game shops and bought my first new games in several weeks. I got the spectacular 2D fighter, Guilty Gear XX, the strategy game Disgaea and the US version of Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution.
Finally, I went among the DVD stalls but found nothing of interest. There were, interestingly enough, discs of the Alias TV series, but that can wait.

Went on the Megamall and met up with the gang including youngbloods Andrew and Charles. Apparently, the wife of Lan Medina came along and brought his new Eisner Award, which the guys took relish in touching, ogling and posing with. Later, Leinil Yu came around (to the delight of fanboy Andrew), drew a sketch and chatted with the guys. Coolness.
In the course of the night, both Gig and me suddenly had a bout of object envy when we saw Ralph playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance his new Gameboy Advance SP. Must be strong. Must focus. I DO NOT NEED OR WANT THAT! Really. I don't. GAH!
After separate dinners, we got onto our conveyances (Vin squeezed into the van with the new guys and Ralph, while the oldies hitched with Jason in his pickup. Our destination for the night's pow-wow was Country Waffles. There, we spent quite a bit of time marvelling at the stuff our youngbloods missed. Later, we closed down Country Waffles as the others read Dean's Palanca-award winning one-act play, The Onan Circle. Damn great and funny script, and everyone got into character admirably. Never thought I'd watch a play at Country Waffles. Heh.

Yawn. Went home at 4 AM, and went to bed at about 5:00 since I just had to sample my games before hitting the sack. Today looks to be a day of some rest, some writing and drawing, and hanging out later with the guys at the Sanctum. Later then.