Wednesday, November 21

Now Sneaking Into Your Favorite Bookstores

Mangaholix Presents #3 is now available in National Bookstore and other places where magazines and comics are sold. This third issue of the locally-produced manga-zine is full to the brim with awesome art, cool stories and characters and tons of content to enjoy.
The stories include the latest installments of MHP's mainstay stories. Midknighters: Fistfight Manifesto, the Ocean's Eleven-meets-Fight Club action adventure takes a break from all the beat 'em up action and takes a look at the softer side of one of the macho heroes. Aporia continues the comedic fantasy adventure of Kapres and Tikbalangs as Apo, the exiled Kapre, confronts his pursuer. Meanwhile, action heats up in the realm of Engkantos as secret dealings continue to play out. In the musical sci-fi fantasy Pulis Pangkalawakan, the band meets a new ally in their battle against the Parapaps... and maybe a new love interest?
Also in Issue 3, a cool feature entitled Musical Icons Manganized where some of the hottest local bands (Sandwich, Itchyworms, Urbandub) get re-imagined by the awesome artists of Mangaholix. And finally, game and gear reviews aplenty as well as in-depth reports on the recently-concluded San Diego Comic Con round out this overstuffed issue!

Oh and of course, Issue 3 contains the debut episode of Ninja Girl KO!, brought to you by yours truly and awesome artist Kriss Sison. Martial arts hi-jinx and light-hearted adventure begin when hapless student Anton Alcazaren crosses paths with the Philippines' cutest and deadliest war straggler- the lovely kunoichi Michiko Yamashita!

Get your copy of Issue 3 (and 1 and 2 if you don't already have 'em) NOW NOW NOW! WAHOOO!!!