Wednesday, February 20

Massive Attack

A couple of months ago, my television life revolved around Solar TV, with it's up-to-date episodes of WWE, raunchy uncensored cartoons and other weird odds and ends. Well, Solar left our cable provider, but you won't find me complaining. The new Maxx Channel is more and better of the wild thrills and niche pleasures provided by Solar, only tons better. A lot of the programs are from G4 TV, which is, seriously, seemingly made for me. There's X-Play, the longest-running and supposedly most-watched videogame review/preview/news/gag show around, which I have been a fan of since it's early days back in TechTV. Then there's Cinematech, which shows a bunch of videos and trailers from videogames, including not-for-kids stuff, hence the subtitle Nocturnal Emissions. Ooh.

But the most fun I have is with my daily fix of Attack of the Show, an irreverent hour of all the stuff I care about- basically internet buzz and fads, gaming/tech news, showbiz, movies and entertainment news. Plus every so often they break out with hilariously weird skits/vignettes and gags, all handled gamely by hosts Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn (who is a darn FOX). Oh, and you have to love a show that shows political advertisements by Cobra Commander.

Oh, and for my wrestling fix, Maxx also shows WWE 24/7, which basically shows off classic matches and episodes from the WWE's past- great stuff with classic superstars like Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, The Rock, Razor Ramon and TONS more. Decades of wrestling history, rewound and on offer again. I can get the latest shows and PPV's elsewhere, but this look into the past of professional wrestling is pretty awesome.

Even better, a lot of the Maxx's shows are aired after midnight, so I have stuff to look forward to after work. Coolness. So I don't always have to be blogging and surfing all the time... I can actually be found watching TV again. Sometimes.

Sunday, February 17

But Seriously

Putting down the vicarious hat for a moment, I have to say that our country's in a bind. That's an understatement of course... to everyone out there on the web, let it be known- the Philippines is currently in the grip of silent Martial Law. A controlled Status Quo held by probably THE most corrupt, most tenaciously rapacious and greedy regime EVER in the country's history. The Marcoses with all their extravagance pale in comparison. Ramos at least left after stealing his cut. Erap was stupid enough to get caught and have the shame to leave the palace. But THIS regime... MAN. Not only is it known for unparalleled greed, corruption and bare-faced theft of public resources and funds, it's also known for rampant stupidity and incompetence, with a large majority of positions in government being held by former military and cronies who know NOTHING of what their department means.

The sad thing is, everything bad and evil in the Philippines is in the government, in power. That leaves the honest, the hardworking, the simple to toil regardless, to just survive and earn enough. The order is evilly efficient though- keep the working class just well-fed enough but struggling to be too tired to protest, but not hungry enough to take to the streets and rip these motherfucking bastards off their high horses as they should. On the other hand, the poor get poorer, but what does anyone care? They don't have a voice, they don't matter. The rich just get richer, the cronies get a cut from everything, from funds and loans meant for the country, for our schools, our roads, our economy.

It's a hard thing to combat. The bad guys control the military. No one has the charisma, the strength or the resources to challenge them. No revolt or protest arrives without strong-arm tactics from the government quashing what little forces arrive to shout out their grievances. They say the Filipinos are tired of People Power. But that's not true. They're just waiting for it to happen again. It hasn't yet, I believe. Just a lot of false starts. You can't turn on People Power like a faucet. Too bad there isn't a Cardinal Sin or a Ninoy to rally behind. Everyone currently around is either just as dirty as the bad guys, or just plain stupid.

But there seems to be movement now, among students and other elements that are once again trying to gain momentum to get this government to fall. People are angry, but then again, people are also just tired and want to just keep on working. But damn, do we really need to allow the filth to suck this frickin' land dry before we actually move? Do we actually need to see people starving in the streets and our country in ruins before we run these bastards out of Malacanang?

The Filipinos are too kind, too divided, too used to poverty and too jaded, most of the time. I'm no exception. But there is a limit to everything. Evil can't reign forever. When the wave of justice finally arrives, people will know. Then people will flood the streets and then we'll see. If the Filipino is still worth fighting for.

Moving on.