Saturday, June 4

Pocket PC for Sale

HAHAHA! Betcha guys thought I was selling my Mini. NOPE! Just doing this as a favor to Cams, who's selling the thing. Anyway, this is a Compaq IPAQ Pocket PC Model 3858. Included in the package will be the unit's cradle and dual power charger. The PPC is in good condition, slightly used.


Hardware: Compaq iPAQ 3835
Standard Features:206 MHz Intel StrongARM
32-bit RISC Processor 32 MB ROM 64 MB RAM

Display:Color Reflective TFT LCD
Resolution: 240 x 320

Input Method:Touch-sensitive display

Easy Access Buttons: 5-way joystick

Gliding Software: WinPilot GlideNavigator II

Has other applications, WORD, EXCEL, Infrared,
Microsoft Reader etc.

Please post or send messages at if you are interested.

Friday, June 3

Playstation Pornable

The PSP is for PORN!!! Well, apparently it will be in Japan.

Several Japanese film companies have announced their upcoming releases of adult movies on the Playstation Portable's (PSP) UMD format. While Sony would probably not allow really explicit content in games, apparently this hold does not stand when it comes to movies. Those in the know also speculate that past learnings in the Betamax-VHS format battle may have influenced Sony's stand-offish approach in this matter. During the war between tape formats, VHS was helped greatly by a huge explosion of adult films on the format- Betamax, held by Sony, had no such 'artsy' support. Eventually VHS killed of Betamax and the rest is history.

Whether this will eventually spread in US PSPs is questionable- but then again, when recordable UMDs and ways to encode video on the PSP format becomes available, people can make their own porn, right?

In my opinion though, there are better ways to have porta-porn (not that I do such things) or bring any kind of video of interest with you anywhere. While the PSP has a HUGE screen, it's a bit on the large side and a bit unwieldy to be brought around just anywhere, or to be used as an impromptu video player. Plus, battery life and the fact that UMDs will are relatively large and delicate is pretty unwieldy.
That's why I absolutely love my O2 XDA II Mini... Not that I actually have porta-porn with me at any given time... um... yeah. Heh.

Thursday, June 2

Ameoba Attack

Like my friend Dean, I seem to be suffering from an intestinal incursion. The bug hit me early this morning, and I've been feeling queasy and sick ever since. Normally I'd stay home and ride this out in the safety of the Sanctum, but damn... there's tons of stuff to be finished and done by tomorrow and I can't NOT come in. It's not freakin' fair... having to do tons of work AND be saddled with a blasted stomach anomaly. It's just not frickin' fair.

BAH. Who says life is fair? Crossing fingers. Focusing energies. Gotta finish, gotta get through, gotta do the job.

And when it's all done and through, I can merrily go home and puke my guts out in peace.
From the Horse's Mouth

Team Ninja leader and creator of the Dead or Alive fighting game franchise Tomonobu Itagaki let loose some details about his latest upcoming game, Dead or Alive 4.

The mysterious, masked wrestler shown in the trailer (still hasn't been confirmed as Lisa from DOAX) is a friend of veteran DOA fighter Tina, and uses the Mexican 'lucha libre' style of wrestling.

The long-haired girl, named Kokoro-chan, is Japanese, and uses Hakkyoku-Ken style of martial arts. This school is most identified with the Virtua Fighter games from Sega, and Itagaki wants to exceed how the style was used in the VF games.

Helena, the blonde French opera singer and veteran DOA fighter, is the main character in DOA4, which is why she wasn't shown in the trailer. Her new status demands a more flashy debut. The DOATEC storyline (mainly involving the corporation's kidnapping of ninja siblings Kasumi and Hayate to create the ultimate soldier) will be the focus of the game, and for this purpose the DOATEC main headquarters was rendered fully and may be the setting of many of the battles.

DOA4's boss will evidently be Alpha 152, who appears in the trailer as another female character floating naked in a tube. Unlike most of the clones (of ninja girl Kasumi), apparently 152 is 'finished' and will do battle with the DOA characters at the end of the Story Mode. FINALLY a female end boss for DOA!

While he insists that 'they are not a fashion company', Itagaki admits that DOA started the costume-craze in fighting games, and will include as many alternative duds for the fighters as they can. Expect bunny suits, santa outfits and bikinis aplenty. Yay!

Itagaki has stated that Team Ninja is intending to have over 20 characters for DOA4. This means that the four new faces seen in the E3 trailer (including the blonde boy Eliot and Alpha 152) might not be the only new fighters debuting in the new game.

At the time of E3, DOA4 was supposedly 15 percent finished. Still, Itagaki hopes to have it ready by the release of Xbox360 during the holiday 2005 season.

Wednesday, June 1

Hey, this is kinda cool...

You win!

Yayness! The creative department was called in today for what we thought was a little meeting to coordinate schedules. Turns out, the bosses just wanted to let us know that we just won a new account! Yep, the hard work we did a couple of weeks ago finally paid off. More work to be had! YAAAHHAAAA! YEEEBBBAAA!!!


Okay, moving on.

Tuesday, May 31

Neo Classic

Angst and action abound in Advent Children.

Debuting last E3 2005 was a brand-new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, and it was pretty awesome. The trailer was a sight for sore eyes as the last new footage of the upcoming Square CG movie based on the classic PSOne RPG was months and months ago. Well, the wait was worth it as we saw new scenes aplenty- a slightly closer look at the man in the wheelchair (I'm really thinking this is Rufus Shinra back from the dead, or in rehabilitation after almost getting fried by Diamond Weapon), more action between Cloud and the SHM (Silver-haired Men), more from the fight between Tifa and the silver-haired bruiser in the Flower Garden, the whole FFVII gang battling a summoned monster (Coolest moment, Yuffie the ninja throwing her humongous shuriken), the return of the Highwind airship and what appears to be Sephiroth himself finally returned?!

From some articles and interviews I've read, the original FFVII Advent Children project was just an experiment- probably Squaresoft was treading lightly after their initial disastrous venture into CG movies (care of the crappy Spirits Within flick). AC was meant to be a very short feature- about 30 or so minutes. Perhaps they just wanted a few scenes showing Cloud after the game, giving a few hints of what life he was leading, the signs of a new threat and then perhaps the FFVII hero regaining his guts to fight and then, THE END.

Questions will be answered.

However, audience and fan response apparently proved overwhelmingly high, and soon the project began to grow. People didn't want a teaser movie- they wanted the whole kit and caboodle. They wanted all the FF gang back, whether they were alive or dead at the end of the game (cue Aeris theme), somehow, someway. They wanted an adventure to wash away the bitter bile taste of Spirits Within. And that may just very well be this movie. From a thirty-minute teaser demo, FFVII Advent Children will supposedly be 100 minutes long when it's finished- a full length feature, bringing to life a world, storyline and characters once seen only as a PS videogame with teeny-tiny cute sprites and simple first-gen CG cinematics. HELL YEAH.

Sephiroth-wannabees are on the rampage.

Yuffie shows off her ninja skills.

Remember the Turks? They're back too. Where's Elena though?

They say it's coming in September, but we can only cross our fingers and hope. I for one have been waiting for this since the mid-nineties, after finishing the game the first time. I want this movie. I NEED this movie.

We've still got a ways to go, but darn... this early I think the wait's gonna be worth it.

Monday, May 30

This means WAR

The upcoming cataclysmic War of the Worlds remake by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise has me interested. After three teasers, the trailer has hit online but still they insist on keeping the aliens... the movie's draw... teasingly hidden mostly from view. What we do see are scenes of mass carnage, fear (mostly on the face of the talented child actress Dakota Fanning) and destruction on a massive scale (though apparently mostly in middle America). There are some scenes with military forces engaging in battle, and some peeks at some large, tentacled thing.

Overall, it reminds me of Signs, the M. Night Shaymalan thriller with Mel Gibson... focus on a father trying to protect his family amidst an alien invasion. Well, Spielberg has proven he can get great performances out of kids, and in staging huge scenes with great numbers of people. This should be a spectacle to see. The War begins on June 29 in the US.

Sunday, May 29

The Gaming Channel

The circle is complete! Not only does USA Solar/Jack TV (Channel 17 for Sky Cable) carry the gaming and tech shows Cheat! and Filter, my old favorite and long-lost gaming staple X-Play is also on offer! Yeah, gamers can now once again enjoy the often humorous reviews of various videogames from hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. Thankfully, while these shows are normally shown on weekdays in the afternoon, apparently the week's episodes are replayed on weekends. Filling up the Saturday afternoon are Cheat and Filter, while X-Play and the sports title-centric Sweat are replayed on Sundays (4-5pm).
It seems that Jack TV really is stocking up on the G4 TV shows. T&A, raunchy cartoons, comedy skits, mature language, wrestling and now... gaming. Darn, Jack TV is my favorite channel! The only thing missing is a fast food review show. Hoho!