Monday, May 30

This means WAR

The upcoming cataclysmic War of the Worlds remake by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise has me interested. After three teasers, the trailer has hit online but still they insist on keeping the aliens... the movie's draw... teasingly hidden mostly from view. What we do see are scenes of mass carnage, fear (mostly on the face of the talented child actress Dakota Fanning) and destruction on a massive scale (though apparently mostly in middle America). There are some scenes with military forces engaging in battle, and some peeks at some large, tentacled thing.

Overall, it reminds me of Signs, the M. Night Shaymalan thriller with Mel Gibson... focus on a father trying to protect his family amidst an alien invasion. Well, Spielberg has proven he can get great performances out of kids, and in staging huge scenes with great numbers of people. This should be a spectacle to see. The War begins on June 29 in the US.

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