Saturday, June 4

Pocket PC for Sale

HAHAHA! Betcha guys thought I was selling my Mini. NOPE! Just doing this as a favor to Cams, who's selling the thing. Anyway, this is a Compaq IPAQ Pocket PC Model 3858. Included in the package will be the unit's cradle and dual power charger. The PPC is in good condition, slightly used.


Hardware: Compaq iPAQ 3835
Standard Features:206 MHz Intel StrongARM
32-bit RISC Processor 32 MB ROM 64 MB RAM

Display:Color Reflective TFT LCD
Resolution: 240 x 320

Input Method:Touch-sensitive display

Easy Access Buttons: 5-way joystick

Gliding Software: WinPilot GlideNavigator II

Has other applications, WORD, EXCEL, Infrared,
Microsoft Reader etc.

Please post or send messages at if you are interested.

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