Sunday, May 29

The Gaming Channel

The circle is complete! Not only does USA Solar/Jack TV (Channel 17 for Sky Cable) carry the gaming and tech shows Cheat! and Filter, my old favorite and long-lost gaming staple X-Play is also on offer! Yeah, gamers can now once again enjoy the often humorous reviews of various videogames from hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. Thankfully, while these shows are normally shown on weekdays in the afternoon, apparently the week's episodes are replayed on weekends. Filling up the Saturday afternoon are Cheat and Filter, while X-Play and the sports title-centric Sweat are replayed on Sundays (4-5pm).
It seems that Jack TV really is stocking up on the G4 TV shows. T&A, raunchy cartoons, comedy skits, mature language, wrestling and now... gaming. Darn, Jack TV is my favorite channel! The only thing missing is a fast food review show. Hoho!

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