Sunday, June 5

Rising Angel

My prayers have been answered.


One of my favorite comics, the recently-cancelled Fallen Angel is coming BACK! Well, it's not 100 percent sure, apparently, but is in the upper 90s. Anyway, here's a snippet from FA's creator/writer Peter David's post on his blog about the return of his hooded femme fatale...

We had wanted to wait on an announcement to have the final contracts signed (they're not) and having sample artwork from the new artist (we don't). But Bob Wayne just announced at the Wizard Philly Con that "Fallen Angel" is going to IDW, so the timing ship has just sailed from the harbor.

So yeah, "Fallen Angel" will be relaunching in December (we hope) from IDW. The first storyline will reveal the Angel's true origin and, thus, will be an ideal jumping on point for anyone who hasn't read it until now.

More details will be available shortly in a detailed interview on Newsarama.


FYI, IDW Publishing specializes in predominantly horror titles, such as the Silent Hill comic adaptations. They're not what you'd call huge like Marvel or DC, but they do quite a bit of stuff... and Fallen Angel should be one of their big sellers given the very supportive fan base that is just waiting to pounce on the book's return.

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