Friday, June 10

Limited Edition

Square Enix has just announced that there will be a limited edition release of the UMD (PSP format) video of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. This LE will include 30 minutes of bonus scenes from the original FFVII. WHOA. Will these scenes be original cinematics from the game, or will they actually be recreated scenes using the updated CG loveliness of the AC flick? DARN, it just boggles the mind to think about the possibilities if the latter is true; the Assault on Shinra Headquarters, Aeris and Cloud's First Meeting, the Introduction of Rufus, the Death of Aeris, the Final Battle against Sephiroth... perhaps all these can be seen in full Advent Children quality... a PERFECT prologue to the game sequel movie.

It's pretty much a cinch that Advent Children will make it here via local anime and gaming shops, if not local dvd shops (and pirates). But I am pretty prepared to shell out the moolah for originals. Heck, I'd buy a PSP for this. Seriously.

I want this sooooo much. I want this more than... more than almost anything else cinematic or game-based. This is what I have to look forward to for the end of the year. Yes, even more than Xbox 360 and Dead or Alive 4. Really. I want this. On my Mini. Playable wherever I go. My. Gosh. Yummy.

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