Sunday, June 5


Finally got to watch Sin City on the big screen. I took a jaunt over to Gateway Mall in Cubao and came to a surprisingly crowded theater. I killed time a bit with merienda and browsing at the local Fully Booked (nice), then got set to watch a graphic novel turned into film.
The good news is that the film looks gorgeous on the big screen, with the cool imagery of black and white panels translated into moving pictures simply awesome. The bad news is that the film has gone through some GHASTLY censoring. Knowing what I know and having seen the uncut film, I am pretty appalled. I guess the best way to see this is on a super-clear DVD, in the comfort of your own Sanctums. Sigh. On the brighter news, the audience took in the comic book movie pretty well, laughing at the few intentional laughs and taking in all the ultraviolence in hand. Of course, the best part of the movie is The Long Goodbye, followed by Big Fat Kill. I just couldn't bear to watch Yellow Bastard again and walked out as it came on.

Well, fans of the Sin City probably know that there will be more black-and-white goodness will be coming in the near future... Sin City 2 has been given a green signal, and will reportedly include A Dame To Kill For, which will bring back Dwight McCarthy (Clive Owen) and Marv (Mickey Rourke) together for a lot of sex and killing. Expect that maybe next year or early 2007. Till then, there's the Sin City dvd to look forward to later this year, with a trunkload of extras. Hoho!

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