Friday, June 10


I turn one year older on Monday, a holiday.

Right now, I'm still at the office, doing overtime. Tomorrow, hopefully if no coups happen, I'll be celebrating with friends at home.

Despite the commotion just a few miles away and the urgent need to finish our stuff into the weekend, AND a damn photoshoot I need to attend tomorrow morning, a teeny bit of my brain is reflecting on my life, what I've done and what I have to be thankful for.

I'm thankful first and foremost for being who I am. Not too great, but not too shabby either. My family is about as perfect as a family a guy could ask for.

A Dad who still cares to give me advice and the occasional lecture and share the daily quip and tidbit and takes the effort to drive me to the bus stop every day because he wants to.

A Mom who has always been there, the bastion of strength and security, with a ready laugh and the ready advice to always pray and be thankful for every thing God has had the great generosity to give me. And who can cook the best damn spaghetti sauce in the world.

A Brother who has always been there. Rival, bulwark, guardian, supporter, friend, kindred techie, sparring partner, confidante and a thousand more things all rolled into one buff package who can beat up any bastard who lays a hand on his little brother.

A Sister who is prim and proper and perfect in everything she does and yet is cool enough to hang with me on occasion and appreciate stuff like Shaider: Ang Pulis Pangkalawakan.

A Home that is truly a Sanctum, a Sanctuary of both peace and noise and laughter and restfulness, fun and familiarity that darn, is a reason why I don't like going too far away or leaving too often.

Friends who are as varied and as special as comics and books themselves. Each with so many wonderful stories, laughter, drama, action and adventure that being with them each is a fountain for creativity and fun every time we meet and meld.

A job that lets me create and think and laugh and complain and fight and feel sadness loss and jubilation and joy, all in the same day yet still give me the leeway to go home and tune off, to enjoy the occasional game, or the chance to think up the next comic book project.

Just the opportunity to be born in the time when LOVELY LOVELY toys like mini-computers, the Internet, CG movies, gaming consoles and pizza delivery exist, in a country though imperfect, lets me indulge in them every now and then.

The talent to think up stories and set them on paper not just in words but in images. The ability to make comics and draw is a skill that is truly an art form. While there were some moments years ago when I wished I could just play the piano instead, being able to put panels on pages is a gift I thank God everyday, even in my own small way.

A body that is healthy, relatively, certainly not comely but at least far from ugly. A brain that is odd and quirky, but ever-looking and ever-hungry for eye candy and brain sugar aplenty. Or anything Blog-worthy.

One year older. A bit wiser. Not any balder. Not really richer. Could be happier, but damn, I'm happy enough.


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