Monday, June 13

MAD Birthday

Saturday saw most of the Comic Quest gang converging at my place for a spaghetti-and-chicken dinner, courtesy of my Mom. The guys and gals trickled in, first Dino and me, then later Cams and Jason, then the main group with Vin, Dean, Gig and Andrew. As always, the spaghetti sauce and cheese flowed freely, and we enjoyed in lieu of Don Henrico's Buffalo Wings a tray of barbecue sauce-marinated deep-fried chicken legs which were crispy-licious. Dessert was a Red Ribbon chocolate mousse (very nice), and soda aplenty.
Since it was my birthday, the gang set aside their singing session for a bit, and we spent a couple of hours just talking about old TV shows, random old movies and films and that kind of schtick. Darn... we would all probably qualify as Movie Geeks for that Jack TV game show, Beat the Geeks. We've got a LOT of junk in our heads. Heh.
Anyway, my birthday weekend was pretty cool overall, since Friday saw me meeting good friends Arnold and Cynthia in Makati (and with a nice shirt, too!). This was a really nice celebration for the year. Can't wait till next time.

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