Wednesday, June 15

Advent Details

More tidbits on the ultimate game-to-movie translation.

More stuff on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVD release in Japan.

The Japanese dvd release of AC will be on September 14. The final cut of the CG, game-inspired sequel movie Advent Children will come in at a full 97 minutes. Aside from the feature, the dvd will include a 30-minute documentary that outlines the storyline of the original PS RPG that AC follows (this should be a boon for anyone going into the flick who didn't play the game). Other features include various FFVII trailers and stuff on the upcoming 'Final Fantasy VII Compilation' project.

The heftier Limited Edition DVD will include a bit more bang for the buck- a nice toy of Cloud Strife astride his Fenrir motorcycle, an all-new original FFVII anime OAV Final Fantasy VII: Last Order and a special edition of the FFVII PS1 game.

Cool stuff, but I don't expect to be able to get a copy of the limited edition given that Japanese (or even local Filipino) fans will eat this up. It's still unclear whether AC will get a theatrical release, or if we'll see the original DVD in stores here. Most probably we'll see this feature first from the local anime shops (and hopefully the Last Order OAV too). Darn, September is so far away... I want this NOW. NOW. NOW. Sigh.

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