Thursday, June 16

The Deadliest Date Movie Ever

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is an humor-laden action romp about the lives of two elite assassins married to each other without knowing that deadly fact. But while John (Brad Pitt) and Jane (Angelina Jolie) Smith are total masters at combat and death-dealing, they don't seem to be as good in the domestic setting. Basically, after five (or six) years of marriage, their marriage is on the verge of collapse. Then, something comes to rock the proverbial boat and two people who have made vows to be faithful till death do they part are soon doing their best to terminate their better half.

This is a pretty different action yarn with assassins; there's no big mission to take on, no deadly diseases or bombs ticking away, no evil spy organization to overthrow (but a TON of faceless commandos to take out)... the only real thing at stake here is the Smiths' marriage, and all the gunplay and close combat is really just a metaphor for a couple to work out their differences, be honest to each other and rediscover their true feelings for each other. That is, if they don't get killed in the process.

That said, this is still a pretty slick popcorn flick with some very cool action sequences, funny quips and dialogue and LOTS of sexy eye candy for both guys and gals. Really, I can just stare at Miss Jolie all day, but she's double-triple-quadruple gorgeous here. Seriously. Gorgeous. Babe.

Ahem. Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. Smith is quite an entertaining watch, with good chemistry between both leads and some nice stunts; I just would have wanted the 'shaky cam' look a bit lessened and perhaps a bit more tussling between the two... Heh. Definitely worth my time and I'm gonna get the DVD so I can keep staring at Angelina again. Mmmm.

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