Monday, June 13

New PC!

Well, not really. I just had my OS reinstalled, since the ol' beige box was positively unusable by now. It's been acting up for months and months, hanging more than half the time whenever Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer is used. Over the weekend, it got worse, with stuff like my Video Editing Suite and even just the ability to TURN THE DAMN THING OFF getting unreasonably impaired. So, I had to nip the problem in the bud and it was done. But it was not without cost- I lost gigs of data, but after all this time it was about time to clear stuff and make use of the 80 gig-hard drive with new stuff.

A new start for me and my PC, which should do well since it's still going to be my Media Center and homebase for my PPC phone. I guess it's pretty fitting that this all happened on my birthday. Heh.

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