Friday, June 17

Grimm Future

From seemingly out of nowhere comes this cool-looking dark period fantasy/fairy tale/horror action flick The Brothers Grimm. Looking like a big budget mix of Sleepy Hollow, The Brotherhood of the Wolf and Ghostbusters, the movie casts Matt Damon (Bourne Identity) and Heath Ledger (A Knight's Tale) as two con men travelling Napoleonic France, masquerading as supernatural troubleshooters. When the government learns of the two's shenanigans, the brothers are forced to take go on a mission agasint real demons and monsters causing some grisly events along the borders between Germany and France. Either they win and stop a demonic threat or find themselves on the receiving end of a guillotine.
Along for the ride are Jonathan Pryce and Monica Belluci as the beautiful but evil Queen Mirror. This looks pretty slick. Something to watch for later this year.

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