Monday, June 6

Next Attractions

With Sin City and Episode III over and done with, there are still a couple of VERY promising films to look forward to in my month of June.
I've been excited over Mr. and Mrs. Smith ever since I saw the first poster and read the delicious premise. Angelina Jolie as an elite femme fatale assassin? SOLD! Anyway, got to see a couple of featurettes and 'Making Of' shows on TV recently, and it just reinforces my liking for this flick. The scenes look great, from the sexy tango/frisking scene to the 'War of the Roses'-like brawl in the house. The Director has Bourne Identity in his resume', so I'm assuming this will kick butt in terms of action. And did I say Angelina Jolie is in it? Damn. This comes in THIS WEEK. Gotta catch it.

Next week will be THE biggie for comic book fans: Batman Begins looks like a winner. I've been seeing the trailers and noting with satisfaction that they don't reveal too much about the film's action and plot, aside from the general direction that this is Batman Reinvented- a ground-up re-telling of the Bruce Wayne story. Christian Bale is a pretty intense actor and I generally like his work... this early, I can tell he'll probably blow all the past Batman performances away. This has promise coming out of its big bat ears, so I'm pumped to watch this.

Ah. This is good. More popcorn! Slaves! POPCORN!

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