Friday, June 10


I'm still at the office, with several of the crew to finish work for a presentation that's due in the middle of next week. As I wait for the materials to be finished and organized by myself into a Powerpoint presentation (after a whirlwind lesson from the Boss), we all listen to a nearby radio about the hubbub that's happening at this very moment.
Appears that the recent events that are basically screaming "COUP! COUP!" are still racing on. Right now, opposition elements and personalities are converging on a safe house somewhere along EDSA to protect a supposed witness that holds vital testimony against the Arroyo Government (apparently the original tapes of the incriminating tape that implicates the Madam President in election fraud).

Want to finish work so we can go home. But will we have a presentation next week with the possibility that we might now have a government working tomorrow?

What a country we live in. Sigh.

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