Thursday, July 26

Tabloid TV

I have to confess that usually at night, I put the TV on to ETC to catch the latest news on The Insider and Inside Edition. While it's quite interesting to see the day-to-day lives of American celebrities being examined with the magnifying glass of a CSI, I have steadily found it unnervingly creepy how the US tabloids and media just go a bit too far as long as it makes news. Like that whole fiasco with Anna Nicole Smith. She wasn't an angel by any length, but the most horrid thing for me wasn't that she died exactly- it was that her death, into her autopsy and burial were on the spotlight and sold on air to the very end. People frickin' DIE on television for the public's pleasure, in a way. Whatever happened to the right to die in peace or dignity?

Well, perhaps that's the price of fame. On the other hand, another really irksome thing for me is how the young, beautiful princesses of Hollywood- Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton... are self-destructing on camera. Rich, beautiful, famous but inexplicably and incredibly BROKEN. Feh.

I should just try to tune off the Hollywood news and just get back to watching clean, pleasant stuff. Like Forensic Files and Murder Investigations on Discovery Channel. Mmm.

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