Monday, July 23

Welcome Back, Potter

I haven't been to a mall in days, so I missed all the hubbub about the launch of the latest and last Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Spoiler whore that I am, I already know how it ends and all that crap, but I do fully intend to go and read the last three books for myself eventually. I'm more a fan of the movies than the books, but I do see value in having a copy of each of the seven parts of this significant bit of pop literature. Or maybe I'll just download an audio book or something. Whatever.

Anyway in case anybody doesn't know yet, here's how it ends. Harry defeats Voldemort only to lock himself into becoming the next Dark Lord, so he has Hermione kill him. Hogwarts is renamed Potterdore Academy, in memory of Harry and Dumbledore. The End.

Just kidding. Go, read it and enjoy. Heh.

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