Wednesday, July 11

Taxi Tale

So here I was along Katipunan one morning, waiting for a cab to whiz me off to Makati. After a bit, one comes along and I flag it down. I open the door and peer inside at the old driver.

"Makati?" I asked.

The driver grimaced and said, "Naka-tsinelas lang ako, eh." (But I'm just wearing slippers.).

Here's me, in outrage. "NASA LOOB KA NG KOTSE!!!" (You're in a frickin' CAR!!!)

Anyway, he drives off and I'm left thinking after, yeah, maybe it was better for me to have to wait for another cab. God FORBID anyone I know sees me in a cab with a driver who only has slippers on. I'll never live that down.

Feh. At the very least though, that was the first time I heard THAT excuse. Oh well.

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