Friday, September 5

Better Than Six

Now available!

Heeeey! Mangaholix Presents Issue #6 is now out on shelves in National Bookstore, Powerbooks and Fully Booked! So if you want your latest local manga fix, go get your copy. There's a reason for the flowery artwork on the cover- this issue sees the debut of Sampaguita Daydreams (whose characters are actually cosplaying personages from other MH stories) which should please the romantics out there. As usual, it's also brimming with the latest episodes of Chronicles of Hao Ran: Kraust: Ten Roars of the Heavens. Midknighters: Fist-Fight Manifesto, Pulis Pangkalawakan, Aporia and, well, of course, Ninja Girl KO!

Let me give you guys a tip- Mangaholix is found with most of the other comics, and is often places inside deep of NBS or Powerbook branches. If you can't find copies, ask one of the ladies to help find them.

Man, I gotta get my own copy. Can't wait to see the finished art...

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