Monday, June 19


While my birthday was actually early last week, the actual celebrations took place over the weekend. I actually had three separate meets with various groups of friends in my life, which was pretty rewarding.

On Friday, I had dinner with Arnold and Cynthia. The Arres met me at Cravings in Katipunan where we spent a grand time reminiscing, getting up to date on news and stuff about life, other friends and comics and just having a good laugh. I see these two dear friends only so rarely so it was a distinct pleasure to just hang for a couple of hours.
Saturday saw the Comic Quest gang at the homestead to feast on Mom's now-famous spaghetti. Thankfully, everyone stuffed their faces until they were pleasantly stuffed with meat sauce, so I guess the party was a success. Aside from the veteran crew of Dean, Vin, Nikki and Cams, newcomers to the Salt Mines included El, Jamie, Andrew, Kate and Alex.
And finally, Sunday brought together my old college barlada (or the BLT Crew) to The Sanctum, and once again the spaghetti sauce flowed like a river. Of the gifts that I got, one I am really thankful for is Andrew's fixing of my PC... hence, my ability to blog and surf (and download stuff) once more.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the birthday weekend a pretty fun and cool experience. Let's do it all again next year! Pics will be posted soon on my phlog. Later!

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