Monday, June 19

Under Siege

That's kind of how it felt like to walk into RCBC Plaza today. This is in the light of the news reports yesterday that some new subversive group is threatening to blow up the building. Apparently, letters were sent cautioning tenants and employees of the monolithic structure to leave for their own safety (this particular group is apparently careful to keep casualties nil).
Well, I'm in the Salt Mines anyway. There doesn't seem to be much chance of anyone sneaking in a nuclear weapon into this place- which seems to be pretty much the only way to destroy the whole building. In any case, the security (which was already tight under normal times) has been beefed up even more, making the place pretty much a fortress. Better yet, a fortress with it's own 7-11.

Anyway, crossing fingers that no bomb or other evil device ever makes it into the Salt Mines. Back to work, then.

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