Sunday, September 11


The last time I had problems with ants and a piece of tech, it was with my scanner. But that was perhaps a year or two ago. What a bitter campaign that was. Days and days of hard battle, to smoke out the invaders who had been able to gain a foothold inside the equipment, building what seemed to be the startings of a whole goshdarn colony. Ultimately, I lost that war... I got a new scanner to replace the ant-violated one. This time though, it's another story.

This time it's my laptop. My Mac Powerbook G4 15-inch laptop. I came in and found ants crawling in and out of the keys. Why are they doing this now? Perhaps a bit of food got into the keys? Or is it the heat that draws them in? Well, I got some alcohol and gave the Mac a once over... and then repeated blowings into the crevices dislodged some of the buggers. Thankfully, it seems that I detected the threat early... but now, I may have to store my Mac somewhere safer than just on the table. I don't want another war with these six-legged infiltrators, dammit.

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